John Vial Wikipedia Age Partner: Is Hairdresser Married?

John Vial Wikipedia Age: Who Is His Partner? Personal Life Details

John Vial Wikipedia Age: Who Is His Partner? Personal Life Details

If someone wants a professional hairdresser in the UK, they immediately search for John Vial on Wikipedia.

The British hairdressing industry is renowned for producing iconic stylists. Among them, London-based John Vial’s name is popular all the way to New York. There are rarely any people who may not have heard about his Salon Sloane. 

Meet John Vial on Wikipedia

John Vial’s Wikipedia profile is not written.

But, John Vial does have an Instagram bio with over 9.4k followers. Similarly, you can follow him on the social site as @johnvialhair. On the other hand, his Twitter handles @johnvialhair seems inactive since 2019.

Vial is popular as the co-owner of Salon Sloane based in London. He found the company in 2016. In the same way, he is also working as a Global Influencer for Revlon Professional Brands.  

John’s Age

John Vial’s age seems around his early 50s.

The hairdresser is a native of Derby in England, where his uncle used to own a Salon. Thus, Vial’s love for hair started at an early age during the 1970s. In fact, he started working for a local salon in Derby when he was just 13 years old. 

He started his career as an amateur hairdresser for the Vidal Sassoon organizations when he just 20 years old. Just after five years, he became the Creative Director of the company in Asia. But, he left his journey from Sassoon in 2003.

His Partner: Is Hairdresser Married?

John Vial partner is not revealed yet.

As for now, there are no reports on John Viral married details. In fact, the hairdresser enjoys a low-key lifestyle with all the success. He has experience working with the world’s leading designers and photographers.

In 2003, Vial became the creative director for realhair. He worked in the company for over 8 years. In 2012, PZ Cussons beauty hired John in the same position. Similarly, he looked after brands like Fudge and Charles Worthington for the Cussons.

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