Jordan Firstman Net Worth, Girlfriend And Instagram: Is He Married?

Jordan Firstman Net Worth: Racist Tweet And Twitter Drama Explained

Jordan Firstman Net Worth: Racist Tweet And Twitter Drama Explained

Jordan Firstman is a Los Angeles-based producer, writer, and comedian recognized for his short films named Men Don’t Whisper and Call Your Father. He got the limelight when his short skits named Impressions went viral on Instagram live and was called “quarantine stars.”

Now, Firstman is making headlines on the internet for his controversial and racist tweets. In fact, people are digging his tweets from 2012, and he is getting hatred from the people. He had written offensive posts on homeless people, black women, and Indian people in his racist tweet.

Name Jordan Firstman
Nationality American
Profession Writer, Comedian
Married/Single Single
Instagram @jtfirstman
Twitter @JTfirstman

10 Facts On Jordan Firstman

  1. How old is Jordan Firstman? Jordan Firstman was born on July 8, 1991. As of now, his age is 30 years old.
  2. Jordan resides in Los Angeles. So, his nationality possibly could be American, and his ethnicity is white.
  3. On his Instagram, he has mentioned himself as a Closeted gay. Talking about his relationship, it seems like he is not married yet. Also, there are no details about his possible intimacy with his partner.
  4. As a writer, he has worked for thousands of TV Shows. Some of his written popular TV shows are The Other Two, Search Party, and Big Mouth.
  5. Jordan had a breakthrough in his 2020 Coronavirus pandemic career when his short skits, Impressions, went viral on Instagram.
  6. He wrote an ode which was sung by the Gay Men’s Choir of Los Angeles in 2020.
  7. Sadly, Diet Prada dug his 2012th offensive tweets and made it public on 23 December 2020. After then, the controversy started on the internet. He even faced lots of hatred from people.
  8. Jordan shared an apology post to the audiences on his social media accounts for his offensive action when he was only 19. He requested people to pardoned his action as he was a young and dumb 19-year-old guy.
  9. Firstman is active on the social media account. On his Instagram account @jtfirstman, he has gained over 853k followers. Also, he is available on his Twitter account with the username @JTfirstman.
  10. Similarly, Jordan’s biography is incorporated into the Wikipedia page. Find his relationship details and bio in this article.

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