Jourdan Dunn’s Fiance and Baby Father, Son Riley Dunn

Who is Jordan Cummings? Jourdan Dunn’s Fiance and Baby Father

Who is Jordan Cummings? Jourdan Dunn’s Fiance and Baby Father

Jourdan Dunn is a highly familiar name form the modeling industry. Born in Greenford to normal working parents, Dunn has forged her way to the top with her sheer passion and will. Popular for her successful modeling career, Jourdan recently became a press darling thanks to her personal belongings. The gorgeous 29 years old British model is engaged to rapper Dion Hamilton. The couple got engaged on February 1, 2020.

Dion Hamilton and his fiance Jorudan Dunn are both from the showbiz industry. They both are enjoying their professional career and look ready to spread arms for a blissful marriage. As the couple is not engaged, we can expect a grand nuptial in the near future. We could tell that the couple is very serious about their relationship. 

But this is not the only time Jourdan Dunn has become serious about her affair. Many of you might not know, but Dunn shares a 10 years old son with her former partner, Jordan Cummings. Guess, you didn’t know that. So, who is the father of Jourdan’s 10-year-old baby boy?

Who is Jourdan Dunn’s Fiance and Baby Father: Jordan Cummings?

Jordan Cummings was barely a matter of concern for the netizens until February 2020. But, after Jourdan Dunn got engaged to her fiance Dion Hamilton on February 1, fans began to wonder about the model’s past love affairs and relationships. So, if you are to talk about Jourdan’s past affairs, it is inevitable to cast out Jordan Cummings. After all, the pair share a child together.

Besides Jordan’s connection with Jourdan, there’s it nothing written about that guy on the internet. While Jourdan was in her teens, Jordan was her love interest. Today, what has become of him or what is he up to, there’s nothing. Also, Jordan barely opens up about her ex-boyfriend in the media or in public.

Jordan Cummings and Jourdan Dunn dated and got engaged while Jourdan was just in her teens. She was 19 years of age when she gave to their child, Riley Dunn. When Dunn was 19 years of age, she has only begun to get attention in the media industry. So, it is obvious that none wanted to discuss the love life of a newbie in the media. 

Though there isn’t much about Jourdan, he is a con. According to Daily Mail, Jourdan’s ex-boyfriend has served in prison for drug-related charges. Jordan Cummings was imprisoned right after Riley’s birth in 2009.

Jordan Cummings Age, Wikipedia, Pictures

If you are having a hard time finding Jordan Cummings pictures on the internet, we don’t blame you. There is not a single picture of Jordan Cummins on the internet. This makes it hard to guess Jordan’s age as of 2020. As the detail about Jordan Cummings birthday and age are not known, all we can do is some guessings. 

Jourdan Dunn gave birth to Jordan’s child, a son named Riley on December 8, 2009. Jourdan was only 19 back then. Possibly, Jordan was also in his teens at that time. So, in 2020, Jordan Cummings could be in his late 20s or 30s.

Jordan’s ex-girlfriend Journal is currently 29 years of age. As per her Wikipedia page, she was born on 3 August 1990 in Brent, London. 

Riley Dunn Age: How Old is Jourdan Dunn’s Son in 2020?

Jordan Cummings and Jourdan Dunn’s child Riley Dunn is currently 10 years old in 2020. Riley was born in the year 2009 and his birthday falls on the 8th of December. This December, Riley Dunn will turn 11.

Riley Dunn was just a few weeks old when his father Jordan Cummings was sent to prison for dealing cocaine. 

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