Judyta Turan Wikipedia, Age, Husband And Family: Cause Of Death

Who is Actress Judyta Turan? Family And Cause Of Death Revealed

Who is Actress Judyta Turan? Family And Cause Of Death Revealed

Judyta Turan was an actress who started her career in 2010 after appearing as a teacher in the movie called Trzy minuty. 21:37. Since then, she had appeared in nearly 12 different shows.

Quick Facts: Who is Actress Judyta Turan? Family And Cause Of Death Revealed

Name Judyta Turan
Birthday July 30, 1983
Age 37 years (died on February 13, 2021)
Gender Female
Nationality Polish
Profession Actress, Trainer
Children Emma, Greta (adopted)
Education Acting Department of the Warsaw Film School

The most popular shows she had played in were Dans les pas de Marie Curie, M jak milosc, Trzy minuty. 21:37, etc. Her latest performance was in a television series called Silent Witness, where she portrayed Katja Nowak‘s role. 

10 Facts on Judyta Turan:

  1. Judyta Turan was not that popular actress, which is why she was never introduced on Wikipedia. However, her bio on IMDb says that she had appeared in a short documentary named A Virtual Dream in 2020.
  2. Speaking about Judyta Turan’s age, she was born on July 30, 1983, and was just 37 years old when she left this world.
  3. Moreover, there is nothing to focus on Judyta Turan’s husband as we are not sure about her married life. 
  4. Likewise, we have failed to gather anything related to Judyta Turan’s family members. Hence, there is nothing to know about her parents or siblings at the moment. 
  5. Moving on to Judyta Turan’s cause of death, Wiadomosci revealed that she had tested positive for the HER 2+ breast cancer, which probably caused her death. 
  6. Talking about Turan’s children, she had been orphaning two girls named Emma and Greta
  7. Furthermore, she had completed her ZASP state acting diploma from the Acting Department of the Warsaw Film School in 2008.
  8. Also, she used to work in the theatres, mainly at the Druga Strefa Theater
  9. Focusing on her health issues, she had to remove eight lymph nodes in 2018, and in 2019, her cancer metastasized into the bones. 
  10. She was also a trainer who used to train the future actors at Meisner’s monologues in Poland. 

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