Karen Grealish And Kevin Grealish

Karen Grealish And Kevin Grealish – Jack Grealish Mum Dad & Sister

Karen Grealish And Kevin Grealish – Jack Grealish Mum Dad & Sister

Karen Grealish and Kevin Grealish are Jack Grealish’s mum and dad. Know his sisters and more via this article.

Jack Grealish is an English professional footballer. He plays for the Premier Leagues club Aston Villa and England National team as a winger and attacking midfielder. 

Because of Jack Grealish’s popularity, his family rose to fame, most importantly his mum and dad. To have a son like Jack is a proud moment for every parent in the world. 

Karen Grealish – Meet Jack Grealish Mum

Jack Grealish’s mum is Karen Grealish. She might be in her late 40s.

The exact date of her birthdate and other personal matters are not found. However, looking at her family life and physical appearance, we assume her to be between her late 40s and early 50s. 

Not much is known about her. She has maintained a low-key profile limiting herself as a housewife. However, we can see her supporting Jack. 

Who Is Jack Grealish Dad? Kevin Grealish 

Kevin Grealish is the dad of Jack Grealish. Despite the lack of information on the internet, we assume his age to be between the late 40s and early 50s. 

Kevin is the person who helped Jack to reach the level. He deals with every official work of Jack. He is like an agent for him, he manages his clubs and all his official works.

Jack is playing football since his childhood. Now, he is regarded as one of the best footballers and has millions of fans worldwide. The only person to credit his success is his father, Kevin. 

Meet The Family – Who Is His Sister?

Currently, Jack has a brother and two sisters along with his parents in his family. Jack is their eldest child.

He has a younger brother Kevan Grealish and two sisters, Kierra Grealish and Holly Grealish. Jack had a younger brother who died in 2000. Despite the fact, now they have a happy family.

His family has Irish descent. Currently, they all live in England. Jack’s both sides’ grandparents were all Irish. 

Jack’s great-great-grandfather was footballer Billy Garraty. 

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