Kergel62 Twitch Age, Real Name And Net Worth

Kergel62 Twitch: Age, Real Name And Whole Lot Of Details

Kergel62 Twitch: Age, Real Name And Whole Lot Of Details

Who is Kergel62 on Twitch? His viewers have been inquiring about his real name and nationality lately. Continue to know him.

Kergel62 is a Twitch streamer. The famous streamer basically shares sports live on his channel.

However, he has remained very anonymous from his viewers. Here are some details we know about the Twitch Streamer.

Who is Kergel62 on Twitch? 

Kergel62 on Twitch basically broadcasts the live sports videos on his channel.

The streamer basically brings a live program for his viewer followed by open chat and messaging.

His videos are more over-related to motorcycle live.

The channel gets more than 5k viewers on the regular basis approximately.

On his bio, Kergel62 has shared a Speedway stream link, which probably leads to his official website.

Kergel62 is Russian by nationality.

Likewise, his ethnicity is White.

For now, his Twitch Streaming channel has more than 4k followers.

Furthermore, according to the Twitch metrics, the user has managed more than 70k viewer hours for now.

Kergel62 Twitch Age

Kergel62’s age is not known for now.

Since he likes to remain anonymous from his viewers.

However, we will be updating soon as soon as his information gets public.

What Is His Real Name?

Kergel62’s real name is still a mystery for now.

It is probably because we are unable to find the user available on the other social media platform for now.

However, it seems that the channel is of username “olepav”, who basically writes blogs on Kergel62’s official website.

Kergel62 Twitch Net Worth

Kergel62’s net worth information has not been public for now.

However, he seems to earn pretty food from his live streams on the Twitch platform.

According to the, expert streamers can make between $3,000 to $5,000 each month on an average.

Moreover, the specific stream does not include ad or revenue which averages about $250 for every 100 subscribers.

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