Know His Height And Wikipedia

Ben Roberts Smith Wife Emma Roberts-Smith, His Height And Wikipedia

Ben Roberts Smith Wife Emma Roberts-Smith, His Height And Wikipedia

Ben Roberts Smith files a new lawsuit against his wife Emma Roberts Smith. Know about his Height And Wikipedia by reading the post below.

Ben Roberts Smith is an Australian Soldier. He is on the news after a photograph of him drinking out of a prosthetic leg got surfaced on the web.

Following which the former special force soldier has filed a case against his ex-wife. So here are things we know about his estranged wife.

Ben Roberts Smith Wife

Ben Roberts Smith was married to his wife Emma Roberts Smith.

The couple has been separated on different occasions. They finalized their split in the year 2021.

As of the latest news, Ben claims that his former wife has released hundreds of photos from his Afghanistan deployment.

The photograph appeared to have shown soldiers drinking from the plundered prosthetic leg of a slain Taliban fighter.

He sues her for breaching the confidential agreement in giving evidence against his defamation case with Nine.

As of now, Ben Roberts Smith is said to be in a relationship with Sarah Matuli, who was his junior employee at the Channel Seven.

Ben Roberts Smith Height

Ben Roberts Smith’s height is 6 feet 2 inches.

He was ranked as a Corporal for his contribution as a SAS soldier for the Australian Military.

Ben Roberts Smith Age

Ben Roberts Smith’s age is 42 years old as of June 2021.

He was born in the year 1978 in Perth, Australia. His birthday is on November 1.

As per astrology, he belongs to the Scorpio sign.

Ben Roberts Smith Wikipedia

Information related to Ben Roberts could be discovered on Wikipedia.

He is a former Australian Special Force Soldier and is a recipient of the Victoria Cross award.

Besides a veteran officer, Roberts is also a successful business owner. He is a graduate of business major from the University of Queensland.

Ben Roberts Smiths’ net worth is estimated to be in millions. 

Believing the fact, that Ben and Emma sold their four-bedroom house for more than $2 million in a pre-auction in December 2019.

Furthermore, Roberts is also a father to two daughters.



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