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Kristen Dahlgren

Kristen Dahlgren

American journalist Kristen Dahlgren is a correspondent for NBC Nightly News and also a breast cancer survivor. She has also covered medical stories and one of her best-known works was when she covered the story of Zolgernsma, a treatment for spinal muscular atrophy.

Dahlgren is also a mother who struggled with having kids and shared her experiences as she spent thousands of dollars to give birth but ended up relying on natural methods later on. 

Name Kristen Dahlgren
Birthday July 27, 1972
Age 48
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Reporter; journalist
Net Worth $100,000 to $1 million
Married/Single Married
Children 1 daughter
Twitter kristendahlgren

10 Facts About Kristen Dahlgren

  1. Kristen Dahlgren was born on July 27, 1972, and is 48 years old as of October 2020 according to this source. 
  2. She doesn’t have a Wikipedia page but you can read all about her in this article. 
  3. As of 2020, Dahlgren is a reporter at NBC News and works as the correspondent for the NBC Nightly News program.
  4. She has also shared her breast cancer battle on NBC’s website. 
  5. Talking about her cancer, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019. At the time of her diagnosis, the cancer was already in the 2nd stage. 
  6. In 2016, she had covered a news story on the lesser-known symptoms of breast cancer and she has said that because she knew about the symptoms, she went to the hospital in 2019 otherwise she would have disregarded the small dent that had developed in her breast. 
  7. After going through eight chemotherapy sessions, 25 radiation therapy sessions, she announced that she had become cancer-free and her health condition had improved greatly.  
  8. She is married and has a husband whose name she had not revealed, she did, however, meet him a little late in life and they got married when she was approaching her 40s. 
  9. Dahlgren said that she got pregnant just months after getting married to her husband. Their daughter is named Cielle and she was born around 2016 when she was 43 years old. Her family was supportive of her when she faced cancer. 
  10. Her net worth is estimated to be between $100,000 to $1 million. 

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