Kurt Ang Scandal Twitter, Age Girlfriend And Instagram

What Happened to Kurt Ang? Everything To Know

What Happened to Kurt Ang? Everything To Know

Rumors say Kurt Ang is involved in a scandal. Here’s everything to know what happened to him.

Like many influencers, Kurt Ang has also been involved in a controversy. He is a TikTok star who has over 277 thousand followers.

However, he hasn’t posted a video since April 25, 2021. Worried fans have taken this issue online as they wish to know everything about the drama.

What Happened to Kurt Ang? Everything About His Scandal

Kurt Ang has been involved in a scandal after he disappeared from social media.

Hailing from Manila, Philippines, he is one of the best influencers in his country. He is famous for his lip-syncing abilities and great dance moves.

However, his fans haven’t watched any of his TikTok videos for more than a month now. Nobody knows what has happened to him.

Is He On Twitter?

Kurt Ang is active on Twitter with at least 2.6 thousand followers.

His beloved fans have tweeted, saying they miss his videos. Also, they have shown their concern over his health.

Moreover, his last tweet was on May 8, 2021. Thus, we can assume that the influencer is doing well and nothing has happened to him.

Kurt Ang Age: How Old Is He?

Currently, we are unknown about Kurt Ang’s exact age.

Also, he has not revealed his birthday. As per our predictions, Kurt is probably in his early twenties.

Get To Know His Girlfriend

Kurt Ang has dated his girlfriend, Sai Dawnson, for ten months now.


♾ @saidawnss ❤️

♬ 34+35 – indychloe

The couples have appeared in various of his TikTok videos. The two make dance content that is loved by their fans.

Like Kurt, even Sai is a TikTok star. Moreover, she has over 41.1 thousand followers on her account.

Meet Him On Instagram

Kurt Ang is active on Instagram with more than 41.8 thousand followers.

Furthermore, his sister, Ella Ang, is a local YouTuber. Kurt has appeared in one of her videos.

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