Lawyer Rod Ponton Net Worth, Wife and Wikipedia: ZOOM Cat Filter

Rod Ponton, the lawyer who had a cat filter on during the Zoom hearing, is going viral. Stay with the article to find out more.

Rod Ponton is a lawyer based in Texas. Rod was a part of the live-streamed hearing when he accidentally left a cat filter. The hearing was for a person who attempted to run out of the country with smuggled and illegally earned cash.

Ponton panicked and tried to get the filter off. Rod is a Presidio County attorney who explained to the judge that he is not a cat, and they can begin the hearing. 

Lawyer Rod Ponton’s ZOOM Cat Filter

Rod Ponton was in a ZOOM hearing when the cat filter incident occurred. During the ZOOM hearing on February 9, 2021, Ponton accidentally left a cat filter on. It was hilarious as he tried removing the filter and kept saying, “I’m not a cat.”

Ponton was part of the live-streamed hearing for the 394th Judicial District Court of Brewster on Tuesday morning. There are various filters one can add on ZOOM, and the cat filter is one of them. He realized the mishap only after Judge Roy Ferguson pointed it out, reports Daily Mail.

What is Rod Ponton’s Net Worth?

The details of Rod Ponton’s net worth are private. Rod works as the attorney at law at Big Bend Law, Alpine, Texas, USA. Any information about Ponton’s assets, properties, and investments are private as well.

Rod’s phone is blowing up as the ZOOM mishap went viral within hours. He was just happy that a little accident made other people laugh for a moment.

Ponton’s Wife And Wikipedia

Rod Ponton is yet to reveal any details about his family and wife. One can read Ponton’s bio in a couple of recent news articles.

According to The West Australian, Rod used his secretary’s computer because he did not have his computer. Ponton’s office was in the middle of moving. ZOOM call mishaps were common during the COVID-19 as many companies were forced to conduct remote.

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