Lee Swift The Circle Age Birthday, Pen Name And Occupation

Lee Swift Birthday Age And Family: The Circle USA 2021

Lee Swift Birthday Age And Family: The Circle USA 2021

Lee Swift is an author who made the headlines after appearing in a reality television show.

Born Roy Lee Swift, he decided to become an author, following the footsteps of his mother. After his recent appearance in The Circle season 2, he is now recognized as a reality television star.

Who is Author Lee Swift?

Lee Swift is widely popular for being an author, and he recognized himself as the real catfish.

Some of his masterpiece books include Antarctica Infiltration, Above Ground, Morvicti Blood, etc. He definitely has further plans to publish new books.

Swift  Birthday And Age Revealed

Lee Swift celebrates his birthday on September 14.

Since he was born in 1968, Lee Swift’s current age is 58 years old. He will be celebrating his 59th birthday this year.

Moving on, he is 6 feet tall and weighs around 74 kg. It’s not very difficult to recognize him – his blue eyes, white hair, and a gap in the incisors are enough.

What Is His Pen Name?

According to Distractify, Lee Swift’s pen name is Kris Cook.

He has been boasting all of the titles that have been written under Kris Cook‘s name. The books that we listed above are also written under his pen name.

Meet Lee Swift From The Circle USA 2021

Lee Swift has decided to enter the second season of The Circle

He will be portraying a young man called River, who has recently lost his relationship. It seems he doesn’t want to have a romance in the show as he is already in a relationship for more than 30 years.

As per his Instagram posts, he seems to be gay. Even though he has already revealed his husband/partner, we can confirm that he has not got a wife. In fact, we are unsure about his marital status.

Lee Occupation: What Does He Do For Living?

Lee Swift’s occupation is a full-time writer and author.

His earnings have definitely helped him secure a decent net worth. Thus, he has been living a very comfortable life. Speaking about his family, his mother’s name is Lana McLemore. However, we do not know the name of his father.

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