Lía Crucet Daughter Age And Instagram

Karina Crucet Wikipedia: Lia Crucet Daughter Is A Singer

Karina Crucet Wikipedia: Lia Crucet Daughter Is A Singer

Karina Crucet Wikipedia Edad Lia Crucet Daughter Instagram: How old is Karina Crucet? Learn Lia Crucet daughter’s age and Instagram from here.

Karina Crucet is a popular singer.She is the daughter of veteran singer Lia Crucet.

According to reports, her mother Lia has just been admitted to a hospital in Mar del Plata after losing 60 kg of weight.

Karina also revealed that her mother is suffering from “schizophrenia” a disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally.

Quick Facts:

Name Karina Crucet
Age 30-35
Gender Female
Nationality Argentine
Profession Singer
Parents Lia Crucet
Siblings Ezequiel Crucet
Children 2
Instagram crucetkarina

Karina Crucet Edad :What is Her age?

Karina Crucet Edad/age is not known.

However, judging by her photos she seems to be in her late forties.

Karina Crucet Wikipedia And Instagram

Karina Crucet has not been featured on the Wikipedia biografia page.

But we can know about her from her Instagram account. She’s been using the platform as “crucetkarina’ for a long time.

Until now Karina has more than 58.6k followers.

Some Facts on Karina Crucet

  1. Karina Crucet birthday information is not available for now. Her nationality is Argentine.
  2. Crucet is very close to her mother and family members. She has a brother named Ezequiel.
  3. Karina Crucet is living with her long time partner Sebastian Roman. She has shared her lovely photos with him on her Instagram.
  4. Karina Crucet has a son and a daughter named Malee Crucet and Son is Faccu Gonzalez. Malee is working as an advertiser. Karina is the grandmother to  Cristiano Camilo and Isabella. 
  5. Just like her mother Karina is a professional singer and performer. She has a famous music album on her name ie La Revanca released in the year 2000. Beside that her popular songs are Besame,A Partir De Hoy ,¡darte Un Beso! and many more
  6. Currently, Karina is feeling very sad about her mother condition. She blames her mother’s partner Tony Salatino for her mom’s current condition.


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