Marisela Vallejos Felix Age, Net Worth And Children: Chalino Sanchez Wife

Marisela Vallejos Felix: Chalino Sanchez Wife Age, Net Worth And Children

Marisela Vallejos Felix: Chalino Sanchez Wife Age, Net Worth And Children

Marisela Vallejos Felix is the wife of later singer and songwriter Chalino Sanchez. Chalino passed away in 1992, and his musical career and fans have only grown ever since. Chalino Sanchez’s legacy continues to live on even after his death.

Their son Adan Sanchez followed his father’s footsteps and became a musician. But he passed away in 2004, at the age of 19, while touring Sinaloa. It was suspected that Adan had died in a car accident but it was later found that he died from multiple gunshots.

Quick Facts: Marisela Vallejos Felix: Chalino Sanchez Wife Age, Net Worth And Children

Name Marisela Vallejos Felix
Age 57-59
Gender Female
Nationality Mexican
Husband Chalino Sanchez
Children Adan Sanchez , Cynthia Sanchez

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Marisela Vallejos

  1. How old is Marisela Vallejos Felix? The exact age, date of birth, and zodiac sign of Marisela Vallejos Felix have not been revealed yet. By the looks of her pictures, Marisela seems to be in her late 50s.
  2. Vallejos Felix was born and raised in Baja California, Mexico. Her nationality is Mexican and Marisela’s ethnicity is Latino.
  3. Marisela Vallejos Felix is the wife of Chalino Sanchez, a famous Mexican musician. 
  4. Marisela Vallejos Felix’s net worth has not been revealed, but her husband, Sanchez’s net worth was estimated at $6 million before his death, reports IdolNetWorth.
  5. Who killed Chalino Sanchez? After a show in Culiacán, Chalino’s body was found near a highway in an irrigational canal near Los Laureles, Culiacan. Sanchez was shot in the back of his head twice, reports LA Weekly.
  6. Marisela and Chalino met in Los Angeles because of his cousin Rosalba. They were married from 1984 till his death in 1992.
  7. Talking about her children, Marisela Vallejos Felix was already pregnant with their son Adan when they got married. Adan Sanchez was born in 1984 and their daughter, Cynthia Sanchez was born shortly after.
  8. Marisela does not have an Instagram bio as she is not active on any social media platforms.
  9. Felix does not have a Wikipedia page yet. Marisela’s bio can be read in a couple of Wiki-bio pages.
  10. Vallejos lives a very private life and has not revealed any details about her family, upbringing, siblings, and parents.

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