Mark Madoff Wife Age And Children

Where is Stephanie Madoff Mack Now? Mark Madoff Wife & Children

Where is Stephanie Madoff Mack Now? Mark Madoff Wife & Children

Stephanie Madoff Mack is the widow of Mark Madoff. Get to know her net worth including her age and children. 

The Maddock family is one of the most infamous families in the history of the United States, all thanks to Bernie Madoff and his investment fraud. The financier was among the respected individuals when he was convicted of investment fraud in 2008.

The conviction of Stephanie’s father-in-law had many severe effects on the lives of the rest of the family members as well. As Bernie kept it a secret from his family as well, everyone was surprised when the news broke out. 

The 82-year-old is no more with us as he died in federal prison yesterday. 

Stephanie Madoff Mack Net Worth And Age

Stephanie Madoff Mack’s current net worth and assets remain under review. 

Also, Stephanie Madoff is currently around 47 years of age. 

She and her husband, Mark had a business running on. Even though it was completely different from her father-in-law’s assets, they too came into scrutiny. As a result, she was sued by Irving Picard in 2012. 

The two parties went through a lot of discussions and settled things in 2017. Nod details about the settlement are revealed until now. 

Stephanie Madoff Mack Children and Family

Stephanie Madoff Mack has two teenage children. 

After her husband’s death in 2010, she has been raising her children as a single mother. They are 13 and 15 years old. Her husband, Mark committed suicide in 2010, exactly after two years of his father’s arrest.

It was Mark Madoff himself who helped the FBI to expose his father. 

Where is Stephanie Madoff Mack now? Meet her on Wikipedia

Stephanie Madoff Mack is currently living with her two kids. 

A sociologist by profession, she is also a New York Times Best-selling author. She wrote a memoir out of her story, The End of Normal which was a great success. 

As a result, she has a well-dedicated Wikipedia biography as well but prefers to keep her social media accounts private. 

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