Meet His Girlfriend Sofia Sapega

Is Roman Protasevich Married? Girlfriend Sofia Sapega And Wiki

Is Roman Protasevich Married? Girlfriend Sofia Sapega And Wiki

Roman Protasevich is a Belarusian journalist. His Wikipedia is leading on top searches on the internet. That’s after he was in police detention after a Ryanair flight ‘hijack’ from Greece.

Protasevich, 26, is a journalist, worked for Poland-based online news service NEXTA. His Wikipedia also suggests he is the chief editor of the Telegram channel Belarus of the brain.

Protasevich with his girlfriend Sofia Sapega was hauled off in a ‘hijacked’ Ryanair flight. 

Nexta and Nexta live have already hoarded nearly 2 million subscribers, but Protasevich may face serious charges after alleged mass unrest.

Roman Protasevich Wikipedia Explored

Roman Protasevich Wikipedia is already at one’s fingertips.

We can already perceiver the blogger on the Wikipedia bio. From his Wikipedia, we can pile up information about opposition activism in Belarus, exile, and Ryanair Flight 4978 and arrest.

Moreover, he will be facing extremism charges in Belarus, including mass riots and stirring up social hatred, related to the protest last year.

Despite the fact, he firmly denies all these allegations but would end up with a 15-year jail sentence if found guilty.

Meet His Girlfriend Sofia Sapega

Roman Protasevich girlfriend is Sofia Sapega.

After the Ryanair hijack, people are concerned about the detained Belarus journalist girlfriend.

Well, Sofia is a Russian citizen and a law student at the European Humanities University in Lithuania.

Sapega is just 23-year-old, taken to a Minsk jail. However, Belarus’s accusations against her were unclear. 

The Belarusian activist along with his girlfriend Sapega was arrested after the plane landed in Minsk. 

They have known each other for around six months after meeting in a bar. The doublets had been on a holiday in Greece before they were captured,

Moreover, the Belarusian university has demanded the law student’s release.

Get To Know His Ethnicity

Roman Protasevich ethnicity is European.

In addition to that, Protasevich was born in Minsk, Belarus. Therefore, Roman Protasevich is Belarusian by nationality.


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