Meet Leah Remini Assistant On Instagram

Who is Valerie Haney? Everything On Leah Remini Assistant

Who is Valerie Haney? Everything On Leah Remini Assistant

Does Valerie Haney have Wikipedia? She is now Leah Remini assistant. Get to know her Age and Instagram all on this page. 

Valerie suffers a setback in a defamation lawsuit arising from the aftermath of her appearance on “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.” 

The expose on the Church of Scientology is hosted and produced by the ‘King of Queens’ star Leah Remini herself. 

Valerie Haney: Wikipedia and Age

Valerie Haney is absent on Wikipedia. 

Her age is 42 years old. Haney was born into Scientology back in 1979, where her parents were already practicing Church members. 

Moreover, in her youth, she lived at the organization’s spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. At the age of 15, she actively joined the Church herself as an employee of Sea Organization. 

She was also made to sign a contract, pledging a billion years of commitment to Scientology.

Haney was then forced into doing grueling manual labor seven days a week under the bidding of David Miscavige, the Church’s leader. 

After many ups and downs over two decades, Valeria managed to escape the Church in 2017, after making multiple requests.

She wasn’t allowed to leave until she signed some papers that were referred to as departure documents. 

“Valerie Haney, the former Sea Org worker who says she escaped from a Scientology compound by hiding in the trunk of a car, has petitioned the US Supreme Court over the ruling that derailed her lawsuit against the church, denying her right to trial and telling her to take her complaint to Scientology’s internal ‘religious arbitration.” according to Underground Bunker. 

Furthermore, Valeria was in desperate need of money after she failed as a condom saleswoman. She stepped down to sell her soul, family, and religion and became Leah Remini’s paid source/ personal assistant. 

This news had shocked the Haney family when she was working for Remini Show. After hearing from his mother, brother Jeffery Haney, an active Scientologist living in Tennesse, wrote to the production company to tell them the truth about his sister. 

“Jeffrey wrote that his sister was trying to either destroy his family or was being encouraged or instructed to do so for money, extra furniture, and other perks. He added that he found it unbelievable that his sister was involved with Remini.” according to Freedom.

There is no evident information regarding Valeria having a husband. She seems to be unmarried, and currently, her relationship status seems to be single. 

Haney’s net worth figures are not disclosed. However, she must have been paid a handful of money as she currently works as an assistant to actress and former Scientologist Leah Remini.

Meet Leah Remini Assistant On Instagram

Leah Remini’s Assitant, Valeria Haney, has a good number of 2231 followers as of now.

She also has 31 posts uploaded as of now. 

Many of her cheerful photos can be viewed through her IG handle and photos of her father, including family members. 

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