Meet Nick Cho aka @yourkoreandad

Who Is ‘Your Korean Dad’ From TikTok: Meet Nick Cho aka yourkoreandad

Who Is ‘Your Korean Dad’ From TikTok: Meet Nick Cho aka yourkoreandad

Who Is ‘Your Korean Dad’ From TikTok? ‘Your Korean Dad’ is a recent TikTok sensation to go viral. He is best known for posting videos in Korean ascent. His videos are very funny and mostly because of his accent. For Instance, he made a video buying grapes in a shopping store which has garnered more than 9 million views. 

Name Nick Cho
Age 47 years
Gender Male
Nationality Korean-American
Profession Web Star
Instagram @yourkoreandad
Tiktok @yourkoreandad
Twitter @yourkoreandad
Youtube @yourkoreandad

Moreover, his name is Nick Cho. He is a Korean immigrant in the United States. Nick currently resides in San Francisco. Apart from his social media fame, he is also an entrepreneur as he is the co-founder and CEO of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters. The company is based in San Francisco. However, Your Korean Dad is famous for his TikTok presence where he has more than a million and a half followers. 

Here are the 10 most interesting facts to know about him. 


##yourkoreandad found some FANCY grapes! 🍇😱💸

♬ original sound – Nick Cho

10 Facts on Your Korean Dad

  1. Your Korean Dad is a TikTok user who is best known for uploading funny and comedy content on the platform. 
  2. Moreover, his real name is Nick Cho. Just like his name, he is of Korean descent. 
  3. As of 2020, Nick is 47 years old. His birthday, however, is yet to be known. 
  4. Despite his exposure to social media, Nick has not shared many details about his wife. 
  5. Also, he is present on Instagram. The comedian has amassed more than 40k Instagram followers. 
  6. However, he is best known for his TikTok account. It has more than 1.5 million followers to date. 
  7. Nick Cho created his TikTok account in October 2019. He attracted a lot of viewers in the late 2020s. 
  8. Moving on, he is of Korean ethnicity. The TikTok star is residing in San Francisco and is an immigrant. 
  9. Of course, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography just yet. 
  10. But the TikTok star has his articles and bio written on many web portal sites. 

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