Meet Suni Lee Mother – Yeev Thoj Nationality Ethnicity, Father John Lee

Yeev Thoj Nationality Ethnicity, Where Is Suni Lee Mother From?

Yeev Thoj Nationality Ethnicity, Where Is Suni Lee Mother From?

Yeev Thoj of American nationality and Hmong ethnicity is Suni Lee proud mother. Know about Sunisa’s father John Lee here.

Yeev is proud of her daughter Suni who is competing in the Olympics. Suni is a professional gymnast.

Yeev Thoj Nationality and Ethnicity Details

Yeev Thoj holds American nationality. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota as of now.

Actually, Thoj was born and raised in Laos. They reportedly moved to the US following the Vietnam War.

Yeev Thoj’s ethnicity is Hmong. It is an ethnic community that originated from Southeast Asia and some portions in China.

The Hmongs mostly reside in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Southern China, and Myanmar. Actually, Sunisa is the first Hmong American to take part in Olympics.

Yeev had taken her kids on a trip to show their origin. Suni and her siblings visited Laos earlier this year.

Yeev Thoj – Meet Suni Lee aka Sunisa Lee Mother

Yeev Thoj is Suni Lee aka Sunisa Lee’s mother. She gave birth to Suni on March 9, 2003.

In fact, Sunisa was born when Yeev was residing in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

On the other hand, Thoj has six children altogether. It means Sunisa has two sisters, Shynenne and Evionn, and three brothers, Jonah, Lucky, and Noah.

Suni had commenced her gymnastic career at the age of 6. She had tremendous support and motivation from her mom at the time.

Know Yeev Thoj Husband and Suni Lee Father – John Lee

Yeev Thoj’s husband and Suni Lee’s father is John Lee. It is not clear when Yeev and John married. 

Actually, John is a veteran. He suffered partial paralysis after involving in an accident in 2019.

At the time, Sunisa was preparing for a national championship match. Nonetheless, she earned a silver match amongst all the pressure she was facing.

No doubt, Suni has made her parents proud of her achievements so far. She is not representing just America but all the Hmong community in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

What is Yeev Thoj Job? Her Net Worth Details

Yeev Thoj has a job as a healthcare worker. She serves at UCare Minnesota at the moment.

Thoj is an associate care manager at the organization. She helps elders and the Hmong members by providing long-term health-care services.

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