Who Is Geoff Eaton? Jagger Eaton Dad Mom And Parents

Who Is Jagger Eaton Cool Mom? Meet His Dad Geoff Eaton

Who Is Jagger Eaton Cool Mom? Meet His Dad Geoff Eaton

Who is Jagger Eaton? Jagger Eaton’s dad and mom are Geoff Eaton and Shelly Schaerrer-Scholz respectively. Get to know them.

Jagger has recently made history as a bronze medalist (35.35) at Tokyo Olympics 2020. He only fell short behind Japanese Yuto Horigome (37.18) and Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler (36.15) in the finals.

But, very little is known about Jagger’s secret behind his motivation. The Olympian credits his success to his parents. 

Who Is Geoff Eaton? Meet Jagger Eaton Dad

Geoff Eaton is the dad of skateboarder Jagger Eaton.

Geoff is the prime inspiration for Jagger’s passion for sports. He is the owner of the Kids That Rip (KTR) School in Mesa, Arizona.

The KTR specializes in training juniors in different games competitions. It runs classes in Gymnastics, Ninja warrior, Scooter, Running, and – of course- gymnastics.

From an early age, Geoff Eaton started teaching Jagger Eaton and his sibling Jeff Eaton the skill of skateboarding. Likewise, Jagger started his training at just 4 years old.

This explains how Jagger is such a polished skateboarder at just 20 years old. 

How is Jagger Eaton’s Mom? More on His Parents

Jagger Eaton’s mom is Shelly Schaerrer-Scholz.

Despite having children together, Goeff and Shelly got married just 2 years old. They celebrated their first marriage anniversary on October 26, 2020. 

Jagger Eaton is close to his both parents, Shelly and Goeff. 

The skateboarder wishes his mom and dad on each Mother’s day and father’s day respectively. Apparently, Geoff loves his son’s determination, while Shelly condones his tireless passion and perseverance. 

Geoff Eaton Family Friendly Complex at KTR

Geoff Eaton started the skate ramp just exclusive for his children. He built the ramp inside a gym, for his sons to practice. 

Shortly after, Geoff saw it as an opportunity to transform into a running business. Consequently, Goeff Eaton commenced the family-friendly sports complex named KTR.

Today, KTR runs classes from Monday to Thursday between 4-6 pm. Furthermore, Jagger’s success has further promoted the business to a new level.

Jagger Eaton is a skateboarder in Olympics 2020. A native of Arizona, Jagger Eaton and his family are of Caucasian ethnicity.  

He rose to fame as the Big Air Best Trick Gap Competition winner in the Kimberly Diamond Cup, South Africa. Similarly, he is the winner of the 2018 Tampa Pro and 2015 boardroom. 

Eaton’s career has now reached new heights as the winner of the bronze medal for the USA in Olympics Skateboarding.

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