Meet The First Actress To Shoot In Space

Who Is Yulia Peresild? Meet The First Actress To Shoot In Space

Who Is Yulia Peresild? Meet The First Actress To Shoot In Space

Yulia Peresild is a Russian film and TV actress. Get to know her Wikipedia bio and family. 

Russia is set to send an actress and filmmaker to space for their new upcoming movie. The crew will travel to the International Space Station on October 5 to shoot a few scenes for their upcoming movie. It will be the first movie to be shot in space. 

Yulia Peresild is the actress who will feature in the movie. She, along with the director, Klim Shipenko will join the cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov for their journey. 

Yulia Peresild Wikipedia: Get to know the actress

According to Wikipedia, Yulia Peresild is a popular actress and one of the best in the business.

The actress is famous for her roles in a lot of movies and Tv shows. She is one of the busiest actresses in the country having appeared on more than 40 movies and TV productions already. 

Having debuted in the 2003 series, Land, Yulia’s career has gone only up ever since. And she will be making history as she is set to become the first actress to shoot a movie in space.

The actress surely has a wonderful and long career ahead of her. 

Richie Scheinblum Husband And Partner

Richie Scheinblum is not married and doesn’t have a husband at the moment. 

However, the actress is currently dating the director and filmmaker, Alexei Uchitel. He is more than 30 years older than her. 

Talking about her family, she is a mother of two daughters, Anna and Maria. They are 12 and 9 years old respectively. She shares them with her partner, Alexei. 

Richie Scheinblum Net Worth: Meet her on Instagram

Richie Scheinblum has an estimated net worth of over 1 million dollars. 

Moreover, The 36-year-old is quite active on social media as well. She has already amassed more than 350k followers on her Instagram handle. 

Born and raised in Russia, her great-grandparents were deported to Russia from Estonia. 

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