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Melinda Coleman

Melinda Coleman

Melinda Coleman is the mother of Daisy Coleman who committed suicide at the age of 23 on Tuesday i.e 4th day of August 2020. She was a victim of rape. She was raped at the age of 14 by a fellow teenager named Matthew Barnett in the year 2012 at her hometown in Missouri.

Daisy was featured in the Netflix documentary titled Audrie&Daisy. This documentary is about the incident that happened with Daisy and Audrie. Daisy could not recover from the incident. Instead, she found it easier to commit suicide. It’s really sad that she had to give up her because of those boys.

Melinda’s daughter Daisy has done some inspiring work so that other teenagers should not have to face what she faced. She has co-founded an organization named as SafeBAE. This organization was established to put an end to the sexual assault happening on students.

Here is some information available about Melinda Coleman.

Name Melinda Moeller Coleman
Age 40-45 years old
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Family Member
Married/Single Married
Children Daisy Coleman and Charlie Coleman
Facebook Melinda Moeller Coleman

My baby girl, my Belle couldn’t take anymore. She said she loved me and just hoped she made me proud. You made me proud every day of your life Belle. Every single day! I love you so much!

Posted by Melinda Moeller Coleman on Wednesday, 5 August 2020

10 Facts About Melinda Coleman 

  1. Melinda Coleman might be in her forties. Her exact age and birthday details are not available.
  2. She is from Missouri, United States. And she holds the American nationality. We don’t know her ethnicity.
  3. She is a married woman. But the detail of her husband is not available.
  4. We know that she has a son named Charlie Coleman and a daughter Daisy Coleman.
  5. Her daughter Daisy committed suicide two days age at the age of 23.
  6. When Melinda’s daughter Daisy was 14 years of age, she was raped by a teenager at a home party in Missouri.
  7. Wikipedia of Melinda is not available.
  8. She shared about her daughter committing suicide from her Facebook.
  9. Melinda’s daughter was featured in “Audrie & Daisy”, a documentary by Netflix.
  10. Melinda Coleman is not very active on social media. However, you can find her on Facebook.

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