Memphis Depay Tattoos – What Does His Back Tattoo Mean?

Memphis Depay Tattoos – What Does His Back Tattoo Mean?

Memphis Depay Tattoos – What Does His Back Tattoo Mean?

Memphis Depay tattoos cover most of his body. Find out what his back tattoo means with a look at his net worth and lifestyle.

Memphis is a Dutch footballer. The forward is set to join the Spanish side FC Barcelona from the start of the 2021 Season.

Memphis Depay Tattoos

Memphis Depay has tattoos all over his body.

Depay flaunts his tattoos with his fans that will no doubt grab anyone’s attention. The Dutch forward has mentioned many of his ink impressions are inspired by several cartoon figures.

Among all the artworks on his body, the huge lion on his back is the most attractive one. The king of animals occupies his whole back.

Anyone in the stadium and in front of the TV can have a good view of it as he takes off his shirt. At the same time, you can have a look at the ‘Dream Chaser’ tattoo on his chest.

In addition, the Dutch star has divine characters tattooed on his arms. He has a thought quote inked on his left arm. Besides, one can have a look of faith tattoo on his leg and a cross on the back of his head.

What Does Memphis Depay Back Tattoo Mean?

Memphis Depay’s back tattoo means strength and royalty.

Depay has got a huge lion imprinted on his back covering the whole of it. Lion is the King of Animals whereas the Dutch winger is well-known as the king of tattoos.

The lion is the most royal animal symbolizing power, courage, and confidence. All those characters are easily visible on Memphis who has gone through a hell of a ride in his career so far.

Borrowing Depay’s words on his back tattoo, he says the lion represents him He has been through rough times several times after being brought up in the jungle.

The Dutch star had the back inked in Manchester during his days with the Red Devils. Interestingly, he has a biography of himself titled Heart of a Lion.

Memphis Depay Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Memphis Depay has a net worth of around $23 million.

The forward has €400 million with Barca after joining them on a free transfer.

No doubt, Memphis lives a really lavish lifestyle as a rich footballer. Besides, Depay is fond of cars currently owning a Rolls Royce.

Lori Harvey is Depay’s girlfriend. She is a model and an Instagram star.

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