Miguel Oliveira Girlfriend and Step Sister Instagram Bio

Andreia Pimenta Age: Miguel Oliveira Girlfriend and Half Sister Instagram Bio

Andreia Pimenta Age: Miguel Oliveira Girlfriend and Half Sister Instagram Bio

Andreia Pimenta is the girlfriend turned fiance of a Portuguese MotoGP racer, Miguel Oliviera. She was engaged to the Grand Prix championship winner in 2019 when he proposed. They were in a relationship for around 12 years before he went down on one knee. 

But the crazy part is Miguel is not only her to-be-husband but also her stepbrother. He is the son of her father’s first wife. So basically, they are half-siblings. They first met each other when Miguel was 13. Their parents got into the relationship and went to marry each other. Likewise, they kept their relationship a secret but they have finally opened up about it. They are soon to be married with their parents’ blessings who are happy about them. Learn more about Andreia as we bring the 10 facts about her. 

Name Andreia Pimenta
Age 25 years
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Nationality Portuguese
Profession Dentist
Parents Paulo and Cristina
Married/Single Engaged
Instagram @andreiaspp

10 Facts on Andreia Pimenta

  1. Andreia Pimenta is engaged to the MotoGP driver, Miguel Oliviera. 
  2. Moreover, her age is currently 25 years old. And so is of Miguel Oliviera. 
  3. Apart from being the fiance, Andreia is also a stepsister of Miguel. She is the daughter of his father’s second wife. 
  4. She does have a social media presence. But her Instagram handle is kept private. 
  5. Obviously she doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography but Miguel does. 
  6. Moving on, Andreia is a Dentist as per her Instagram bio. She seems to love medicine and stuff. 
  7. Talking about her family, she was born to Cristina, who is apparently married to Miguel’s father, Paulo. 
  8. So that makes them half-siblings. However, they have been in a relationship for around 12 years and will be tieing marital knots soon. 
  9. Despite the complications in their relationship, they have gathered blessings from their parents who are happy that they found each other. 
  10. Further info about their relationship can be found in various articles written on the internet. 


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