Mona Barthel: Marija Cicak Husband And Partner

Mona Barthel Marija Cicak Husband And Partner – Everything To Know

Mona Barthel Marija Cicak Husband And Partner – Everything To Know

Mona Barthel is rumored to be Marija Cicak partner. Here’s everything you must know about her husband and family.

Currently, we are unsure if Mona is actually the tennis player or some other personality. There’s no official statement regarding Marija’s love life yet.

Speaking about the tennis player, Mona is from Bad Segeberg, West Germany. She competes in the WTA Tour and has already won four singles and three doubles titles.

Is Mona Barthel Marija Cicak Husband?

Mona Barthel is actually not Marija Cicak’s partner, nor husband. In fact, there’s no evidence to prove that they are married.

According to Wikipedia, Mona is ranked no. 212 in the singles. Moreover, her world ranking in doubles is no. 127.

Speaking about Marija, she is a professional tennis umpire. Reportedly, she is set to umpire Wimbledon men’s final between Djokovic and Berrettini. Interestingly, she is the first woman to do so. As she calls herself a ‘woman’, we can agree to the fact that she is not gay.

Moreover, Mona has not yet been open about her sexuality and private life (vita privata). Thus, we aren’t sure if she is gay.

Hence, it’s quite hard to believe that the two have been married. Nevertheless, they share a common sport that increases the speculations regarding their sexuality and love life.

Who Is Mona Barthel Tennis Partner?

Mona Barthel’s recent tennis partner is a Dutch lady, Mandy Minella.

Reportedly, she has partnered with various other tennis players too. So, we can confirm that Mandy is not her permanent tennis partner.

In May 2021, Mona and Mandy lost the ITF La Bisbal d’Empordà finals. Along with that, the partners had lost the Korea Cup final in 2014.

Clearly, we can claim that the two have amazing friends. However, Mona has partnered with some other tennis stars, including Sabine Lisicki, Laura Siegemund, and many more.

Mona Barthel Age Revealed

Mona Barthel’s age has reached 30 years today (July 11, 2021).

Reportedly, the German turned professional in 2008. Thus, we can claim that she has been playing tennis for 13 years now.

Apart from her dating life, we are unsure about her family too. Moreover, we have no idea if she shares children with her rumored husband.

What Is Mona Barthel Salary?

Mona Barthel has not spoken about her salary yet.

Most probably, the famous tennis player’s earnings are in the thousands. So, she lives a standard lifestyle.

Get To Know Mona’s Net Worth

Mona Barthel’s net worth is somewhere around the millions.

Like other popular athletes, Mona has an amazing asset. However, we are unsure about her exact net worth.

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