New Challenge or Trend Emerged

Eurovision Song Viral On TikTok: New Challenge or Trend Emerged
Eurovision Song Viral On TikTok: New Challenge or Trend Emerged

Eurovision song has emerged on TikTok all of sudden and people are doing the dance moves of the band and it is a dance challenge now. Eurovision is a popular song contest held in Europe where contestants from all over the world come every year to compete to win the title for their country.

This year, however, the situation got a little tricky because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Eurovision contest was canceled this year for the first time in 64 years. So, people are using this moment to sort of revitalize the songs of the Eurovision contest on TikTok and youtube videos.

Eurovision Viral Song On TikTok

There are different Eurovision songs getting viral on TikTok. There are over 92.7 million views on the videos with hashtag Eurovision. Therefore, we can say with all confidence that these songs are getting popular on TikTok.

Some of the videos are made in 2018 and some even parodied by celebrities such as British comedian Jack Whitehall.

This definitely captures the spirit of the Eurovision contest. However, check this one out to see some compilations of the people on Tiktok having a blast while doing this challenge.

The name of the song itself is “Uno Vision” in this TikTok video. This right here is one of the songs used by Tiktokers from the Eurovision contest. The song is that of Little Big- a Russian band that’s getting all this attention because of their funny dance move.

Eurovision New Challenge On TikTok

Eurovision Trend is not something that’s grand and known widely by most of the TikTok audience like some other dance challenges on TikTok. However, it has it’s audiences and they love seeing Eurovision songs on TikTok.

In the past years, people have used the Eurovision songs on their TikTok videos as the contest is about to happen. Media and everyone talks about it and it is going to a trending word on the internet. So, they use the hashtag Eurovision to ride the wave. 

But this dance move is just too simple and too funny for people to pass up. So, they decided to make a challenge out of it.

Eurovision Song Memes On TikTok

Eurovision memes are also a thing on TikTok. If you search for Eurovision on TikTok, you will definitely stumble upon a couple of memes.

Eurovision is a song contest that is the butt of many jokes made by all the European citizens at its season. So, it’s not a surprise to see memes on TikTok related to Eurovision. Check out this funny meme about Eurovision and Little Big posted by @vakocit on her TikTok account.


##memes ##littlebig ##eurovision

♬ UNO – Little Big

Big little is a band from Russia that made a popular song named Uno. This meme is made by this user and to the ones who have been following this contest and Little Big, it’s really hilarious.


##littlebig ##uno ##eurovision ##eurovision2020

♬ оригинальный звук – yura.kamarilla

This is the video of the Little Big which is really funny. It’s just like a psychedelic trip to a Montessori full of odd kids. These are the memes trending on TikTok. The contest is canceled this year.

So, people are making videos on TikTok to remember a little bit about the Eurovision. There is a little sadness behind the making s of these memes that signify people being nostalgic about just last year.

Eurovision Song Emojis Explained

Eurovision Song Emojis are something that doesn’t exist. People remaking their on emojis but as far as it’s known, Eurovision hasn’t got its own emojis on any digital platforms.

People use many different emojis to talk about Eurovision contest but that falls under the general usage of emojis.





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