NZ: Andi Brotherston Photo – Martin Devlin Wife Age And Family

Andi Brotherston Photo – Where Is Martin Devlin Ex Wife Now?

Andi Brotherston Photo – Where Is Martin Devlin Ex Wife Now?

Read the article to know the latest news on the NZ Andi Brotherston photo.

She is the ex-wife of Martin Devlin who is New Zealand radio and television broadcaster. Here is everything about her age and family. 

Martin Devlin is a reputed breakfast radio veteran and TV broadcaster. He is also the sports writer for NZ Rugby World and presenter for ‘The Devlin Radio Show.’

Andi Brotherston is the former TVNZ employee who has alleged she was being sexually assaulted by a drunken senior manager. Her complaint was dismissed by the TVNZ HR department. 

Andi added, the HR person laughed at her and said no one would believe her.

NZ: Andi Brotherston Photo

NZ broadcaster Andi Brotherston’s photo seems to be a mystery. 

Further, her photos and pictures have not been publicly revealed. So, her photo remains a mystery. 

She was well recognized and known for being the ex-wife of Martin Devlin, a breakfast radio veteran. 

However, Andi is active on Twitter but again hasn’t posted any of her personal photos.

Brotherston shared her incident on Twitter from 2010 in which the senior manager organized a lunch before canceling all the attendees except for her.

Meet Martin Devlin: Husband of Andi Brotherston 

Martin Devlin was living as a happy family, and they were known to be married for a long time. 

Unfortunately, Brotherston and her husband Martin Devlin said goodbye to their marriage. The couple was blessed with two children, both sons. 

Recently, Martin has come up on the news as Andi was trying to attempt suicide.

According to Stuff, “Andi Brotherston said she and the pair’s 20-year-old son found the Newstalk ZB sports broadcaster unconscious on Monday night.”

She further added stating, “He’s in terrible shape.”

Brotherston told Stuff her ex-husband had been doing well with counseling, but news of the third investigation by NZME had upset him.

Furthermore, Devlin was stood down from his position as host of a Newstalk ZB sports program, The Devlin Radio Show, following an incident in which he threw a punch at another journalist that missed.

Where is Andi Brotherston now? 

Andi Brotherston is currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand. 

During the time of the incident, Andi felt something wasn’t right, so she asked her son to visit their father. 

She said, “I just don’t know how to explain this, but I just had a feeling something wasn’t right, so I just said … ‘Let’s go over and see your dad.”

How Much Is Andi Brotherston Net Worth? 

Andi Brotherston net worth figures in under review. 

She had a good job and was doing pretty well in the field of journalism. During her time, Andi certainly earned a good fortune, and without any doubt, she must be living a good life with her two sons. 

Brotherston’s age details have not been revealed. Moreover, comparing her age with her ex-husband she must be belonging to the age range of 40-55 years old. 

Likewise, we don’t know anything about her family, despite Andi being a New Zealander. 

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