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What Happened To Lafayette General Nurse Olivia Guidry? Cause Of Death Revealed

What Happened To Lafayette General Nurse Olivia Guidry? Cause Of Death Revealed

Olivia Guidry, 24 obituary is out but her death cause has made some headlines. What happened to her? Find Out.

On Monday, the Ochsner Lafayette General issued a statement regarding the death of hospital staff. They were sad to announce the demise of a nurse named Olivia Guidry.

She reportedly passed away following COVID-19 positive results. However, the story is even deeper. 

Olivia Guidry Age: How Old Was She?

Olivia Guidry was 24 years old in age. Olivia Guidry was working as a Lafayette General Nurse. 

She was employed in the hospital’s emergency room. Sadly, she passed away after recently testing positive for the COVID-19 virus.

According to Olivia Guidry’s family, she was diagnosed with COVID-19 in early July. Over the weeks, her health worsened as she suffered a high fever and neurological complications. Eventually, she had a seizure, and doctors had to place her in a medically induced coma.

She went into a coma last Thursday. Subsequently, Guidry took her last breathe on  July 11, 2021.

The young girl was looking forward to getting her MD degree. In fact, she had graduated from Louisiana State University with a Pre-Med/Biology and nursing degree.

Olivia Guidry Obituary – Death Cause Revealed 

Olivia Guidry’s official obituary was released by Lafayette General Medical Center.

CEO Al Patin mentioned Guidry as a beloved member. Likewise, she was reportedly dedicated to taking care of every patient.

Friends and family speculate that Olivia Guidry death cause was COVID-19. 

However, Patin stated that the cause of death is unclear for now. The hospital will be performing an autopsy before officially announcing the reason.

Find Olivia Guidry on Instagram And Facebook  

Olivia Guidry was active on her Facebook Olivia Guidry. 

Her bio was filled with pictures of a man who appeared to be Olivia Guidry’s husband or boyfriend. However, the unidentified person has not spoken to the media yet.

Olivia Guidry doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography.

Nonetheless, many people have dug Olivia Guidry’s Instagram and Twitter to find more about her. Apparently, the late nurse was an anti-vaxxer and COVID-19 denier.

Back in 2020, Olivia had posted a Tweet requesting people not to take the vaccine and how it manipulates the DNA. Similarly, she had also made a post-remarking vaccine as a “straight-up social experiment”.

There were several other Twitter posts regarding the subject. However, all are alleged statements right now. The Guidry family requires privacy and respect in these hard times. 

We send our thoughts and prayers to the friend and relatives of Olivia Guidry. May they find the strength to go through the hard times. Thank You. 

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