Olympics: David Nyika Parents | Meet Simon Nyika And Susie Nyika

Who Are David Nyika Parents? Meet The Olympian’s Family

Who Are David Nyika Parents? Meet The Olympian’s Family

David Nyika’s parents, Simon and Susie, might be the proudest as their son gets the first boxing Olympics medal in New Zealand.

David Nyika is a New Zealand professional boxer who is currently representing New Zealand in the Tokyo Olympics. Previously, he has been the gold medalist in both the 2014 and 2016 Commonwealth Games. 

He was playing as an amateur at that time. Furthermore, he also competed in the 2017 and 2019 World Championships. In the recent Olympics, he was the New Zealand flag bearer along with Sarah Hirini.

Besides his game victory in the ring, he became an internet sensation for the incident. During round 16 of the Tokyo Olympics, Moroccon boxer Youness Baalla had attempted to bite his ear, which became the hot topic. 

Who Are David Nyika Parents? Meet The Olympian’s Family

David Nyika’s parents are his biggest supporters. They are named Susie and Simon Nyika. 

Besides that, there is not much information found about them. His father was the one to inspire him for sports, and the rest of the family are his biggest supporters. 

Talking about nationality, he is a New Zealander. His ethnicity from his mother’s side is Kiwi. Kiwi is the native ethnic group of New Zealand. Meanwhile, his dad is from Uganda and is a black guy.

Regarding his siblings and family members, he has a brother and two sisters. His brother Josh is also an athlete for New Zealand’s national team. His one sister, Ruby, is a writer in Stuff NZ.

Meet David Nyika’s Father Simon Nyika

David Nyika’s father, Simon Nyika, might be in his fifties. He was a Ugandan immigrant to New Zealand.

He is of black heritage and had escaped from Uganda during the dictatorship of Butcher of Uganda. His family made a life in New Zealand, married David’s mother, and lead a happy life. 

There is not much information about his profession, but he was an inspiration for his son to start an athletic career.

Meet David Nyika’s Mother Susie Nyika

David’s mother, Susie Nyika, might also age like her husband. She is a native white New Zealander. 

There is not much information about her academics and profession. However, David’s mum is his biggest supporter. 

In an article written by his sister, she has mentioned her mother being restless watching David’s match in the ring.

Who Is David Nyika’s Partner?

David Nyika, aged 26, currently, is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Jasmine Jo. Plamer. They have been dating for a while.

He frequently shares her pictures and appears to be in a healthy relationship.

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