Persephanii Age, Measurements And Ig: Is She On Onlyfans?

Persephanii Age Measurements: Meet Her On Instagram

Persephanii Age Measurements: Meet Her On Instagram

Proclaimed IG busty queen Persephaniis age and body measurements are still a wondering fact for her fans. Learn everything about her in the article given below.

Persephanii is a plus-size model. She is also a former basketball player. She has played games in WNBA. Moreover, she is a businesswoman and Instagram Star.

She had started her modeling career in 2015, and she has modeled on the social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. 

She has hundreds of thousands of fans over Instagram. She is also a famous YouTuber. Her company, Aahana Vibrations, is doing well in the skincare market.

She is a busty curvy girl. In this world of skinny beauty standards, she has accepted her body size and made it her strength.

Persephanii Age: How Old Is She?

There is no actual data of Persephanii’s birthdate.

Looking at her, we can assume that she might be in between her late twenties and early thirties.


Persephanii Body Measurements

Persephanii’s body measurements are not available to this date.

She might be about 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

As per the sources on the internet, her weight is approximately 101 kg. She has a curvaceous body with big bust size. 

She has challenged the stereotype of a slim figure as a beauty standard. 

Meet Instagram Busty Queen

Persephanii is an Instagram star.

She has an account named @persephanii, where she has a huge fan following of 848k. 

She has introduced herself as a World Treasure Thick Younce. In her bio, we can see her stating herself as a fashion model and actress. 

She had joined Instagram in 2016. She has almost 582 posts there to this date. Since then, she has been showing her curves and became a star. 

Is She on Onlyfans?

Yes, Peresephanii has joined Onlyfans, a content-creating platform.

She has shared her Onlyfans posts on Instagram story.

We can find the links of the social media platforms she is in, including Onlyfans and her website in linktree. 

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