Popularmmos Real Name Age, Girlfriend: Why Was YouTuber Arrested?

Why Was YouTuber Popularmmos Arrested? Here Are The Details

Why Was YouTuber Popularmmos Arrested? Here Are The Details

PopularMMOs was arrested on Sunday for battery accusation. Let’s learn more as he was released from custody.

PopularMMOs is an American YouTuber. He is primarily a Minecraft and Roblox gamer who posts battles.

YouTuber PopularMMOs arrested: What did he do?

PopularMMOs was arrested on May 16.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department in Florida took him into custody around midnight last Sunday. He was accused of domestic battery. He allegedly caused bodily harm as per the jail records.

In fact, there was a tweet that said PopularMMOs likes to abuse women. Also, his ex-girlfriend Jen had liked the post. Thus, it may be the reason for his arrest.

PopularMMOs posted a Tweet addressing the accusations. He urged everyone not to believe anything they hear. Also, he says he will address the false accusations soon. Besides, he blamed Eleni for leaking his address and harassing him.

In fact, PopularMMOs was released with a $2.5 thousand bond on Wednesday 19th May. Also, he won’t need to appear in from of the court. Besides, he is waiting for a prosecutor to decide whether to actually file the records.

What is PopularMMOs Real Name?

PopularMMOs’s real name is Patrick Julianelle.

Patrick uploads Minecraft videos and vlogs on his YouTube channel. Also, he has streamed games like Roblox and Fortnite.

Patrick said he got tested positive for coronavirus in October 2020.. However, he recovered from the disease in just over a week.

PopularMMOs Age: How Old is he?

PopularMMOs’s age is 32 years old.

Patrick was born in Connecticut. However, he currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida. His birthday falls on the 25th of November each year.

Pat created the YouTube account PopularMMOs in April 2012. Interestingly, he has earned over 17 million subscribers on the gaming channel.

Also, Pat has a vlogging channel named Pat’s Life. It also has over 292 thousand subscribers.

As a matter of fact, PopularMMOs Patrick has an undergraduate degree in psychology.

PopularMMOs Girlfriend

Pat from PopularMMOs has a girlfriend named Liz.

He revealed about her in a video on May 7.

Previously, he was in a relationship with Jen. The two had married in 2015. Jen is also a YouTuber and has a channel named GamingWithJen.

 In fact, the two used to collaborate frequently in hundreds of videos on both channels. However, the couple broke up in May 2019. 

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