Rapper: FamOus Twins Real Name, Jail

Famous Twins Dad Gets Shot: Who Are Rapper Famous Twins?

Famous Twins Dad Gets Shot: Who Are Rapper Famous Twins?

Rapper FamOus Twins dad gets shot and it has been difficult days for the rapper duo. What happened? Get the updates here.

FamOus Twins are the duo sisters who are pursuing their careers in music and social media platforms.

Lately, the duo lost their father in a gunshot; however, the details are yet to get revealed.

Rapper: FamOus Twins Real Name

Rapper FamOus Twins’ real name is Nem and Allie Monay.

Nem is also known as Sway Bentley.

They are twin sisters who rose to prominence by sharing trending dance videos on Tiktok and several other entertaining contents.

One of the viral TikTok contents of the FamOus.Twins is the creation of a Tiktok set to music made by Megan Thee Stallion and Travis Porter.

The sisters performed a dance video which has more than 70k views.

FamOus Twins Jail Updates

In February 2021, one of the FamOus Twins members, Allie Monay, got sentenced to jail.

Allie was arrested for the alleged domestic violence charge.

Her Twin sister, Sway Bentley, posted a message regarding her sister’s arrest on February 2, 2021. She wrote, “Tell our fans I’m sorry for letting them down.”

Famous Twins Dad Gets Shot

Sources have mentioned that the FamOus Twins’ Dad got shot lately.

The twins’ father died following the injury from the reported gunshot.

The official news is yet to come, though.

However, peeking into the Instagram profile of FamOus.Twins, the incident seems real. The duo has posted a picture of their father and urged their fans to help and donate them to lay down their dad to rest.

FamOus Twins have created a GoFundMe Page for the fundraiser to aid their father’s death and grief.

The page aims to raise around $20,000 while more than $470 has already been raised.

You can help the rapper duo by donating on the GoFundMe Page.

Who Are Rappers FamOus Twins?

FamOus Twins are the duo rap artists who are famous all over social media platforms, especially Tiktok.

Their real age and birthday are not yet revealed on the internet.

However, they might be somewhere around the late 20s by now.

The duo handles their Tiktok account under the username @fam0us.twinsss.


Weon play date coming soon🔥🔥🔥🤫

♬ original sound – fam0us. twinsss

They have cherished more than 964.6k followers on the platform, with over 5.9 million likes.

Similarly, the rappers duo are active on Instagram as @fam0us.twinsss. 

They have over 304k followers on Instagram and have shared around 118 posts.

As per their Instagram bio, they are managed by James.

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