Regina Turner Wikipedia Net Worth

Regina Turner Apparently Had A Secret Life – Are The Divorce Rumors True?

Regina Turner Apparently Had A Secret Life – Are The Divorce Rumors True?

Regina Turner is not present on Wikipedia despite being the beauty queen and former Miss USA contender. Read the article to know about her net worth, and husband. 

Regina Turner tied the knot with spinal surgeon Dr. Han Jo Kim in November 27, 2015. 

Currently, Dr. Kim has divorced Regina Turner and claims to be the victim of the fraud. The divorce settlement was made public before the court hearing which was scheduled for June 26, 2021. 

Who Is Regina Turner?

Regina Turner is the former Miss Connecticut.

Turner worked as an internet service provider and paralegal in Oklahoma City before moving to St Louis to join her sister.

She was trained as a dental major at Tunxis Community College in Farmington.

Regina Turner Wikipedia

Regina Turner is yet to make her appearance on Wikipedia. Even though she is well known in the beauty world, she is still not found on the page of Wikipedia. 

How Much Is Regina Turner Net Worth?

Regina Turner’s exact figure of net worth has not been disclosed. 

Furthermore, Regina’s ex-husband Dr. Kim was said to be earning more than $3 Million through his profession as a surgeon. 

At the time when they were a couple, Tuner and Kim lived in a New York apartment worth $6.5 million, and he also had a multi-million dollar Long Island home. 

Moreover, Regina and Kim pretty much lived a lavish lifestyle. 

Get To Know Regina Turner Age & Height 

Regina Turner’s age is 32 years old. At the age of 32, she still looks flawless, and ageless. 

Regina stands at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

Who Is Regina Turner Husband? Get To Know Her Secret Life Rumors 

Regina Turner’s ex-husband is Dr. Han Jo Kim. 

Her partner divorced Turner after he felt that Regina misled him about other details of her past. 

According to the Daily News exclusive, Kim “stumbled upon her secret life as a high-end hooker,” claiming Turner earned nearly $700,000 in cash working as an escort both before and after they were married in 2015.

Furthermore, Kim speaks that Turner was living a secret life, and the rumors happen to be one of the reasons the couple broke up. He found that Regina was living a double life in 2020. 

As per The Daily News reports, Kim found a “raunchy iMessage” from a man to Turner. He allegedly discovered that her clients included a “prominent businessman, a New Jersey-based real estate executive, and an award-winning lighting designer,” according to Daily News, which said Turner declined to comment on the allegations.

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