Robin Spielbauer Murder: Who Killed Robin Spielbauer?

How Did Robin Spielbauer Die? Murder Story In Details

How Did Robin Spielbauer Die? Murder Story In Details

Robin Spielbauer murder was a homicide. Who killed Robin Spielbauer? Find the details.

Robin’s murder case has once revived six years after her death. Since NBC’s “Dateline” brought the story to light, the victim Robin and the criminal duo – Jeremy and Katie Spielbauer are on the headlines.

Robin Spielbauer Murder

Robin Spielbauer was murdered back in 2014.

Her body was later discovered on Helium Road near County Road. A woman saw beside her parked Chevy Tahoe SUV, who immediately dialed 911 and sought help.

Authorities later ruled her death to be a homicide.

Who Killed Robin Spielbauer?

It is probably her ex-husband Jeremy Spielbauer and his lover Katie Yvonne Spielbauer who killed Robin Spielbauer.

Katie was 28 years old at the time, and she got charged with one count of felony murder.

She was sent to the Randall County jail.

The police department was able to come to the arrest of Katie following the detailing of the family and relatives of Robin. They all cited the hostile relationship between Katie and Jeremy.

Jeremy and Katie started their relationship when he was still married to Robin. Later, he separated with Robin and married Katie, but she (Katie) suspected him to be in an illicit liaison with his ex-wife.

Investigative reports show that authorities discovered pink plastics near Robin’s dead body, which matched with the colors smears of Katie’s car window.

Similarly, forensic tests mentioned that Katie’s pink gun was used as a murder weapon.

The incident did not end there. Robin’s ex, too, got sentenced to life in prison and a $10,000 fine for the murder of his ex-wife in 2018.

It was after his lover Katie got out of jail. It proved that Jeremy’s cellphone was there at the crime scene.

The later reports all contradicted the statements Jeremy provided before, which eventually pushed him behind the bar.

How Did Robin Spielbauer Die?

Robin Spielbauer died of homicide, a murder led by her own ex-husband and his lover.

The autopsy report had showcased that Robin passed away from a gunshot wound to the back of her head. Reports suggest she got attacked on the isolated road on purpose.

With all the reports on hand, the police department issued her death to be a homicide and issued an arrest warrant against Robin’s ex-husband’s love interest, Katie.

Robin Age And Family Details

Robin Spielbauer’s age was 34 years old when she died.

She was born on October 23 in 1984.

Talking about her family, her parents are Steve Bledsoe and Jackie Bledsoe.

She herself is the mother of two children, namely, Jaiden and Harley Spielbauer.

Does She Have A Wikipedia Page?

No, Robin Spielbauer has not been featured on Wikipedia.

But her story has been published in several national and international publications.

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