Ross Anderson The Liberator, Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki, Nationality.

Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson is a handsome Scottish lad who has starred in a new project named “The Liberator”. He has been acting for a while now and has huge ambitions. Anderson reminds me of Tom Hardy when he was young. He has the same kind of charm and very masculine energy that a lot of people really like.

He has worked alongside some pretty well known British actors. Some of his costars to date include David Tenant, Michael Fassbender, and Douglas Stewart. He hasn’t cracked the mainstream success yet but he is on the track to do that. Now, let’s just get to know his life without being too dilatory about it.

Name Ross Anderson
Birthday July 15, 1987
Age 33
Gender Male
Nationality Scottish
Profession Actor
Married/Single Married
Wife Claudie Blakley
Children 1
Twitter ross_anderson87

10 Facts On Ross Anderson

  1. Ross Anderson is currently 33 years old and he looks gorgeous as most 33-year-olds do.
  2. He was born on July 15, 1987, in a place called Paisley in Scotland. He grew up in Scotland and has a lot of love for the place.
  3. Anderson also spent his childhood in Bo’ness, West Lothian in Scotland and grew up admiring movies very much.
  4. Talking about his education, he studied at Drama Centre, London and graduated from there in 2008.
  5. After graduation, he would grab his first job in 2010 in an award-winning play called “Black Watch”.
  6. He is not on Wikipedia. That could be the reason why certain facts like his height aren’t well known to the people.
  7. He is Scottish in terms of his nationality.
  8. Ross Anderson has been married to Claudie Blakley and has babies with her as well.
  9. Anderson was the eldest of 6 siblings his parents brought up. Maybe that’s where his search for attention began and ultimately that led to him being an actor.
  10. He is not on Instagram but he has 357 followers on his Twitter account. 

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