Sandy PTT – Who Is SandyKaka TikTok? Age And Instagram

Who Is SandyKaka TikTok? Meet Her On Instagram

Who Is SandyKaka TikTok? Meet Her On Instagram

Sandy PTT Aka Sandy Hsu of age 31 years old is a Tiktok star. Her Instagram detail is given right below.

SandyKaka is a webstar and influencer. She is very popular especially on the Tiktok platform for her dance and lip-syncs videos.

At the same time, she happens to be a video game streamer and host. She has also gained massive popularity with her self-titled Twitch channel with more than 70,000 followers there.

Further, she contributes contents on life coaching on her Youtube channel. Here are some more details we know about her.

Sandy PTT Exposed Video

Rumors say that SandyKaka was exposed a long time ago.

Some of her fans still believe that SandyKaka’s videos and private photos went viral on the PTT website. However, there is no such evidence to prove such news at the very moment.

At the same time, SandyKaka has shared a post on her Facebook. In the post, she states about her friend’s private information being hacked and shared. 

This might be another reason for SandyKaka’s scandal rumor.

Who Is SandyKaka TikTok? 

SandyKaka on Tiktok is a Taiwanese content creator.

She goes by the username “sandykaka_” and has a massive 79.7 thousand fans on Tiktok.

Similarly, she is liked by more than 368.8 thousand people to date.

SandyKaka’s contents are very unique and are popular among all age groups. It is because her clips are humourous and adventure-related.


太時尚了吧 ##時尚拍 ##時尚 ##假裝慢動作 ##網拍囧姿

♬ Joker Lay Zhang – RUDY

On her Tiktok profile, she mentions her Youtube channel. In addition to her Tiktok fame, she already has 280 subscribers to date.

As a blogger, she basically does reviews on Anime and her traveling experiences.

SandyKaka Age

SandyKaka’s age is 31 years old as of July 2021.

Thanks to her Asian gene, she seems like a teenager, still very young and juvenile.

She was born in the year 1991 and her birthday is on March 12.

According to astrology, she belongs to the Pisces sign. Similarly, as per the Chinese Zodiac, she was born in the Goat year.

Meet Her On Instagram

Yes, SandyKaka is on Instagram.

The profile goes by the username @sandykaka_ and has a massive 178 thousand followers on her name.

On the other hand, the web star has around 329 thousand followers on Facebook,

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