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Giovanni Graziano Age: 10 Facts On  Shepard Smith Boyfriend

Giovanni Graziano Age: 10 Facts On  Shepard Smith Boyfriend

On 11 October 2019, American broadcast journalist Shepard Smith decided to leave Fox News following 23 years with the media house. In his farewell speech, Shepard Smith referred to his boyfriend, Giovanni Graziano as ‘Gio’. On July 8, 2020, Smith agreed to host an afternoon CNBC show.

Shepard Smith’s boyfriend Graziano is also in the media business. He is a Fox Business producer. You will be shocked to know for how long for this couple is dating each other.

Name Giovanni Graziano
Age 32 years old
Gender Gay
Nationality American
Profession Producer
Married/Single Dating
Education Penn State University

Find out some interesting facts about Shepard Smith’s boyfriend Giovanni Graziano here.

10 Facts on Giovanni Graziano

  1. Giovanni Grazian Giovanni Grazian is an American media person. He has had several jobs at the Fox News network and currently works as a Fox Business producer.
  2. He joined the Fox News network back in 2008. He joined Fox News as an intern. As a Fox Business producer, Giovanni must have earned himself a good living. 
  3. In his early years at Fox News, Giovanni worked as a production assistant for Shepard Smith, his current boyfriend.
  4. Both Giovanni Graziano and Shepard Smith are gay.
  5. Based in New York, the United States Giovanni Graziano is an American national.
  6. The detail about Giovanni’s birthday is not public, but sources have, he is now 32 years of age.
  7. His boyfriend, Shepard Smith was born on January 14, 1964. So, Smith his 56 years old now.
  8. While Giovanni has never been married, his boyfriend was married to Virginia Donald. Smith and Virginia Donald were married for around 6 years.
  9. Graziano’s Instagram page is missing. Also, unlike his boyfriend, Graziano does not have a Wikipedia bio.
  10. As seen on his LinkedIn profile, Giovanni is a graduate of Penn State University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from that University.

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