Sloane Heffernan Leaving WRAL – Where Is She Going?

Sloane Heffernan Is Leaving WRAL – Where Is She Going?

Sloane Heffernan Is Leaving WRAL – Where Is She Going?

Sloane Heffernan leaving WRAL TV is garnering a lot of media attention. Where is she actually going? Follow us to find details.

Sloane Heffernan is an American anchor and Reporter. She was an integral part of WRAL TV.

One of her most memorable interviews was with a war veteran who lost everything in a hurricane in southwest Florida.

Sloane Heffernan Leaving WRAL: Where Is She Going?

Sloane Heffernan is leaving WRAl after 15 years stint.

The WRAL news anchor, Heffernan presented the news for one last time on 15th June Tuesday after announcing she would leave the studio.

Basically, she has announced that she would be leaving on 4th June in a lengthy post on Instagram and Facebook.

Sloane Heffernan is going away from her news career.

In her social media post, she also revealed starting her own business.

So, it hints that Heffernan is trying out something new rather than her journalism career.

Why Is Heffernan Leaving?

Sloane Heffernan is leaving to keep tragedies away from her emotional self.

It’s not due to illness.

After a tough time during the coronavirus pandemic, it made her look back on her career which led her to move into something new and different.

She has realized the value of relationships and what they meant to her. It made her work bearable which made her face robust.

Is Sloane Heffernan Retiring?

Sloane Heffernan hints to be retiring.

So what’s next? A lot of her fans and followers are enquiring about her next plans after departure from WRAL TV.

Heffernan has decided to take something that she loves which turned into a business.

Moreover, she aims to establish a small business helping other businesses and non-profit connects with her audience through social media.

Everything On Her Husband And Family

Sloane Heffernan is living a joyous life with her husband.

She has married the man who she was dating back when she made the squad in 1990.

Not just married, the pair is blessed with three beautiful children –  two sons and a daughter.

Her family is also embraced by a sweet little bull dog named Rosie.

Sloane Heffernan was born and raised by her parents in New Bedford.

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