Son And Husband, Where Is She Now?

Where is Danita Tutt Now? Update And Whereabouts

Where is Danita Tutt Now? Update And Whereabouts

Here are details of Danita Tutt child abuse allegation update. Is she still in jail?. Continue to know the whereabouts.

Danita is a Mum who faked her son’s illness. Tutt’s crime was also covered by the A&E’s Accused: Guilty or Innocent? in April 2020.

The mother from Cleburne, Texas, tried to kill her own son in the year 2016. Here’s an update to her case.

Who is Danita Tutt?

Danita Tutt is a mother who is convicted for the murder attempt of her son.

She was found guilty of lying about her son’s medical condition in the year 2018.

Following this, the teenager had to go for unwanted surgeries.

Moreover, she is also accused of intentionally depriving him of food and water.

Tutt’s age is 45 years old as of May 2021.

She was living with her son and husband in Texas.

Who Is Danita’s Husband?

Danita Tutt was married to her husband, Clint Tutt.

The couple had two children together.

After, the arrest Danita Tutt was removed of her parental rights in 2017.

Her kids were placed under the care of their maternal grandparents.

Danita Tutt Son

Danita Tutt’s son is Colby Tutt.

Colby, aka Colton’s age, is 14 years old as of May 2021.

After denying food and nutrients to the teenager, he had to suffer drastic weight loss and weakness.

He suffers from heart and kidney issues along with low bone density. Over 15 years of age, he had to face more than 17 surgeries.

Following which was admitted to the hospital without letting doctors know about such details.

Danita Tutt Update: Where Is She Now?

Danita was sentenced to five years of prison and ten years of probation after being held guilty.

She was charged in 2016 with three counts of serious injury to her child.

Before this, she was taken to the William P. Hobby Unit prison for women in Falls County, Texas.

Furthermore, she was eligible for parole in May 2019, rescheduled for April 18, 2021.

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