Stevewilldoit Girlfriend Break Up, Merch And Net Worth

Stevewilldoit Merch And Net Worth: Relationship Details

Stevewilldoit Merch And Net Worth: Relationship Details

News of Stevewilldoit and his girlfriend breaking up has been going around these days. Also, please get to know his net worth. 

Stephan Deleonardis, best known as Stevewilldoit, is an American YouTuber who is famous for his extreme challenges videos. 

The Youtuber gained massive popularity and fame via his Youtube and now has established himself as one of the biggest YouTubers at such young age. 

Recently, the 22-years-old man had been on a hiatus but is back with his challenge videos. 

During his time away from Youtube, people suspected he either went to rehab or broke up with his true girlfriend.  

Stevewilldoit Girlfriend

Stevewilldoit’s ex-girlfriend is Celina Smith. 

Celina is a popular Instagram model, and she is also available on OnlyFans. 

The pair used to go to Oviedo High School, and they had been together for more than four years. 

Celina would often be seen in his videos with NELK boys. 

The model has deleted all the pictures of her and her long-term ex-boyfriend, Stephan, and unfollowed him.

The YouTuber has not talked about the breakup himself, and fans are getting worried about him. 

Stevewilldoit Merch 

Stevewilldoit’s merch is available for buying on the internet. 

Sites like AmazonRedbubble has listed some of his merch for selling. 

What is His Net Worth?

Stevewilldoit’s net worth is listed as $2.25 million, as per this site

Considering his every successful Youtube channel, it is safe to assume that he earns thousands of dollars with added revenue from other sources.

Meet Stevewilldoit on Instagram

Stevewilldoit is active on Instagram. It was on IGTV “Stevewilldoit” where he first started posting his challenge videos. 

Compared with his channel with 3.2 million subscribers, his Instagram @stevewilldoit has more than 2.7 million followers

With his Instagram not being far off followers, he posts videos on Instagram and stuff related to his private life.

Likewise, he is also on Twitter @stevewilldoit and Facebook @stevewillsendit, which has 139.5k followers and 7,679 followers. 

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