Tammy Hembrow New Boyfriend, Age, Height, Instagram 2019

Matt Poole

Matt Poole

Matt Poole is an accomplished surfer and a water sports athlete out of Australia who has done a lot of work as part of the Red Bull surfing team. He has been competing in water sports since when he was a teenager. 

Name Matt Poole
Birthday May 20, 1988
Age 32 years old
Gender Female
Height 6 feet 4 inch
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession Surfer
Married/Single dating
Instagram matt_poole1

In September 2020, he made another headline after getting together with influencer Tammy Hembrow. They were even seen cuddling at Brisbane airport. Read more about the surfer, 

10 Facts About Matt Poole

  1. Matt Poole is 32 years old as of September 2020 and he was born on May 20, 1988, according to this source. 
  2. He was born in Manly, Australia and is an Australian citizen and Caucasian as per his ethnicity. 
  3. His parents are Philippa and Ian, who raised him in Manly.  
  4. In September 2020, he was confirmed as the new boyfriend of Tammy Hembrow. They were seen in public without wearing masks properly and Polle did not even use a mask for most of his time there.
  5. The surfer is 6 ft 4 in (1.9 cm) and has black hair, similarly, he also keeps a stubby beard.
  6. Matt has over 26 thousand followers on Instagram and regularly shares his accomplishments and sports events on his account. 
  7. His girlfriend Tammy Hembrow has more than 11.5 million followers on her Instagram as of September 2020 and is a world-famous influencer. She also shares pictures of her two children from a previous relationship. 
  8. He started his career early and made his way through the ranks of the Australian water sports system when he was a teen. 
  9. The breakthrough to his career came when he won the Australian U-17 Iron Man title, thus paving a way for him to pay water sports professionally. 
  10. As per the official Redbull website, he started his career back in 20-08 and has since become a top surfer.

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