Téné Birahima Ouattara Wikipedia Biografia, Age: Wife And Familia

Tene Birahima Ouattara Wikipedia And Age: Family Facts To Know

Tene Birahima Ouattara Wikipedia And Age: Family Facts To Know

Téné Birahima Ouattara Wikipedia: Is the Ivorian politician on Wikipedia? Stay with the article to find it out.

Téné Birahima Ouattara is a politician and  younger brother of Alassane Outtara, the president of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire. Alassane was elected for the position in 2010. Téné is on the National Security Council (CNS), where he works on national security issues.

Téné Birahima Ouattara Wikipedia:

Téné Birahima Ouattara is on Wikipedia.

Téné Birahima Ouattara’s nationality is Ivorian, as he lives in Côte d’Ivoire, a country in West Africa.

Birahima was elected the treasurer of RDR (Rassemblement des Republicains), from the Tchologo region. Téné is the interim Minister of Defense and the Minister of Presidental Affairs.

Téné Birahima Ouattara Biografia And Age Revealed

Téné Birahima Ouattara’s biografia is present on his Wikipedia page.

Téné Birahima Ouattara’s age might be in the late 60s. The details about Téné Ouattara’s net worth are still under review. It is unclear how much the politician, Birahima Ouattara earns.

Birahima Ouattara works in the office of Dominique Ouattara, the First Lady, for the responsibilities related to the Presidency of the Republic and its related services.

Quick Facts:

Name Tene Birahima Ouattara
Age 66-69
Gender Male
Nationality Ivorian
Profession Politician
Siblings Alassane Outtara
Facebook @tbouattara

Some Facts You Didn’t Know About Téné Birahima Ouattara

  1. The details about Téné Birahima Ouattara’s wife And familia are private as of now. Ouattara rarely talks about the details of his family and children to the media.
  2. Téné Birahima Ouattara is active on Facebook with 2.6k followers. The politician’s last activity on the platform was on May 10, 2019, and 2.5k people follow the page.
  3. Téné Birahima is of Muslim background as his father came from Burkina Faso, an empire of the Muslim rulers. Téné Ouattara is part of the Dyula people, a Mande ethnic group.
  4. After the death of Hamed Bakayoko, Prime minister of Côte d’Ivoire, Téné Birahima Ouattara was named Interim Defence Minister, reports Al Jazeera English.
  5. Téné Birahima is called the “photocopy” version of his brother Alassane Outtara, because of their physical resemblance.

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