Tomas Gimeno Profesion Edad, Familia Novio And Wikipedia

Tomas Gimeno – The Man Who Kidnapped His Own Children

Tomas Gimeno – The Man Who Kidnapped His Own Children

What is Tomas Gimeno profesion? Gimeno of edad 37 made revenge on his novio by ruining her familia.

Let us learn about his Wikipedia and case update.

Tomas is the man who abducted his own children. One of his kidnapped daughters was found dead on a coast.

Tomas Gimeno Profesion

Tomas Gimeno’s profesion was to manage flowers and plant companies.

Gimeno was the owner of many agricultural lands in his hometown.

In addition, he was born to a wealthy family. Also, he reportedly acquired the property from his parents.

However, the local people on the island of Tenerife recognized him as a troublemaker. He regularly had rows with people in bars and at night parties. Furthermore, people had even accused him of robbery. 

Also, Tomas has a filthy criminal record. He was alleged of deception to earn vehicle and boat insurances. Similarly, he was fined a number of traffic charges.

Gimeno reportedly did not have good behavior despite his wealthy status.

Tomas Gimeno Edad or Age: How Old Is He?

Tomas Gimeno’s edad or age is 37 years old.

He was born on Tenerife island in Spain. His familia had a good reputation in the locality. In addition, he was raised in a wealthy familia.

Very little information is available about Gimeno’s ethnicity and background. Also, his academic qualifications are confidential as of now.

Tomas Gimeno Familia and Novio

Tomas Gimeno’s familia included his two children.

Gimeno’s novio or wife Beatriz Zimmerman separated from him some time ago.

Tomas’s daughter Anna is just one year old. Similarly, his second daughter Olivia was six years old.

In fact, Gimeno was separated from his family as he divorced his wife. His children were living with their mom Beatriz.

As per the latest case update, Tomas’s daughter Olivia was found dead in Tenerife. He was in a bag at the bottom of the sea around 1000 meters below the surface. Her body was put down by the anchor of Gimeno’s boat.

Tomas Gimeno Wikipedia Biografia

Tomas Gimeno does not have his biografia on Wikipedia yet.

He will be known as the man who kidnapped his own children. He had kidnapped his children on April 27 taking them for a visit from their mother.

Tomas had told his wife that she would never see him and the daughters.

Gimeno seems not to have a Facebook account. But he has given birth to several discussions there.

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