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Kandyland is a Swedish twitch streamer who is seen mostly streaming games like World of Warcraft, Team fight Tactics and League of Legends. She is also known for her fun Just Chatting streams.

She streams 5 days a week and takes a break on Thursday and Friday.

Name Kandyland
Birthday June 4, 1993
Age 27
Gender Female
Nationality Swedish
Profession Twitch Star
Instagram kandylul
Twitter kandylul
Youtube Kandyland

10 Facts about Kandyland

  1. Kandyland’s real name is Emma Carlsson and she is of Swedish nationality.
  2. Kandy was born on June 4, 1993, in Pitea, Sweden. There is no information about who her parents are or if she has siblings.
  3. She is currently 27 years old although there is no information about her height and weight measurements. She is of white ethnicity.
  4. Looking at the photos on her Instagram, one can assume that Kandy is single as she mostly posts selfies or pictures of herself in makeup and different dresses.
  5. Kandy is an online personality and hence is very active on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. Along with being a twitch streamer, she is also active on her YouTube and posts there as well.
  6. Her Instagram @kandylul has 111k followers, 448 followings with 1,311 posts. Her Twitter @kandylul has 48k followers, 285 followings with 2,567 tweets.
  7. Kandy’s YouTube channel is @Kandyland, it has 18k subscribers, with over 734k views in total. She usually posts her stream highlights and questions/answers videos to the channel.
  8. She gained her popularity through Twitch so it is not much of a shock that she has 415,917 followers. Not just followers, Kandy has 994 subscribers. Her handle is @kandyland
  9. There is currently no information about the net worth of Kandy but she makes around $5k from twitch subscribers alone. With the following she has on social media it is safe to say she makes good money.
  10. She has featured in the game Super Seducer which will be released in February 2021. She announced the news via her Instagram on September 25, 2020

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