UFC Mike Perry Ex-Wife Ig, Age, Abuse

Danielle Nickerson: UFC Mike Perry Ex-Wife Ig, Age, Abuse

Danielle Nickerson: UFC Mike Perry Ex-Wife Ig, Age, Abuse

Danielle Nickerson is the former wife of the UFC star, Mike Perry, and also a tennis player. She was alongside Perry for a long period of time, not only as a wife but also as a fan and a motivator. The couple was very much praised for their chemistry. However, they split in June 2020 as Danielle admitted that Mike had wandering eyes. 

However, she has opened up with new information that the UFC star abused her during their marriage. Initially, she didn’t mention the abuse but the tennis player did talk about the abuse in her recent interview. Danielle Nickerson talked about Perry hitting on her head and leaving bruises on her body. The fitness celebrity was really courageous to open up about such a thing. However, there have not been any comments from the UFC MMA fighter yet. Here are a few facts to know about her. 

Name Danielle Nickerson
Age 28
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Tennis Player
Married/Single Divorced
Instagram @diamonddeeeee

10 Facts on Danielle Nickerson

  1. Danielle Nickerson is the ex-wife of the UFC fighter, Mike Perry. 
  2. The couple initially married in 2019 but did split in June 2020. 
  3. Moreover, Danielle Nickerson has a well-decorated social media presence with over 49k followers on Instagram. 
  4. Also, Danielle is currently 28 years old. Her birthday, however, remains a mystery for now. 
  5. The social media celebrity has recently opened up about the abuse done by her ex-husband, Mike Perry. 
  6. The couple dated for around 5 years before tying the knots in 2019. But it didn’t go well for them.
  7. Out of the unhealthy relationship, Danielle is currently single and not dating anyone. 
  8. Besides, she is also a tennis player who rose to fame for her nickname, The Diamond Princess. 
  9. Despite the abuse, Danielle did everything to stand by her husband. She was even called “perry’s corner girl” due to her utmost dedication to him. 
  10. Unfortunately, she is yet to have a Wikipedia biography. But you surely find a lot of articles about her on the internet. 

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