Vinnie Hacker Saying The N Word

Did Vinnie Hacker Actually Say The N Word? The Drama and Controversy

Did Vinnie Hacker Actually Say The N Word? The Drama and Controversy

American model Vinnie Hacker recently got into controversy for using the N-word in his video. Did he actually say the N-word? Get to know from the article.

Vinnie Hacker is an American-based model, TikTok star, and social media celebrity whose real name is Vincent Hacker.

Vinnie Hacker Saying The N-Word

Hacker has got into controversy for using the N-Word during a video game streaming.

The TikTok star used the word on his 19th birthday. It got worse when he repeated the word several times. 

He got heated up on his viewers, saying that he does not get a break and has to add new content every week, making him very busy.

Social media was divided into two groups; one group claimed the TikTok star to be racist, on the other hand, the other group was in his support.  

Did Vinnie Hacker Get Cancelled Over Racism Drama?

Yes, the 19 years old social media celebrity, Vinnie, got cancelled by netizens over Racism Drama.

However, he has responded to accusations of using words by denying all the claims made against him. 

Vinnie replied with an explanation that he was not using any abusive language but was actually trying to thank his subscribers and viewers.

Hacker also got in the fight against another TikToker named Deji, and the fight was won by Vinnie, which made it the first-ever fight won by him until now.

What did Vinnie Hacker say? He said that he could not catch a break and had to upload something new every week. Vinnie also said everyone to shut up and just ignore it.

Is Vinnie Hacker Mexican? His Ethnicity 

It is not known whether Vinnie Hacker is Mexican or not.

The TikTok star was born in  Seattle, Washington, USA, and therefore, his nationality is American.

Vinnie’s ethnicity has not been disclosed yet, and it is still a mystery for everyone.

However, the zodiac sign of the YouTube star is Cancer, and his religion is Christianity.

Vinnie has also got a Twitter profile under the username @Vinniehacker, where he has shared more than one thousand tweets and has gained a total of 572.5 thousand followers.

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