Was Jesse Morris Atlanta Arrested? Ethan McCallister Accident Update

Was Jesse Morris Atlanta Arrested? Here Is An Update on The Ethan McCallister Accident

Was Jesse Morris Atlanta Arrested? Here Is An Update on The Ethan McCallister Accident

Was Jesse Morris arrested by Atlanta Police Department? Yes, there are rumors about that. Know Ethan McCallister accident Update.

Ethan McCallister had met an accident in the early hours of 3rd April in Atlanta, Georgia. He was struck by a vehicle and was deadly injured. 

After some uber driver called 911, the police had taken him to the hospital. Sadly, he passed away because of his injuries. He was a family friend of Brielle Biermann. She, along with her father, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, was seen mourning his death.

Also, lots of people were asking for justice for his death. After a few months of investigation, recently, a person named Jesse Morris from Atlanta is arrested in charge of a hit and run. Further investigation is going on, as he has not pleaded guilty.

Was Jesse Morris From Atlanta Arrested?

Yes, Jesse Morris from Atlanta was arrested at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The Atlanta Police Department had arrested him at the airport as he arrived on the flight from the Dominican Republic.

Through a dashcam video clip, police had seen a gray jeep of Grand Cherokee, which had immediately left after hitting Ethan. Jesse is only a suspect of the hit and run case of Ethan. 

There are already lots of hits and run cases stacked on Jesse. Now, he is in the custody of the Atlanta Police Department. He will be taken to court and will be done further investigation until he is proven guilty or clean.

Ethan McCallister Accident Update

Ethan McCallister had encountered a deadly accident back in April. Sadly, he could not overcome the injuries and met death.

On April 3rd, an unknown vehicle had struck him and ran away. A nearby cab driver called 911, but to remain anonymous, he left the accident place.

Ethan was taken to the hospital by police, and he had died in the hospital. A young guy of the age of 28 had to face and hit and run case and died there. This is a complete tragedy. 

All his friends and family, along with the public of Atlanta, are mourning his death and asking for justice. Recently, a man named Jesses Morris is arrested in charge of a hit and run. He is yet to be pleaded guilty. 

Ethan McCallister was a family friend of Brielle Biermann

Ethan McCallister was a close friend of The Don’t To Tardy star Brielle Biermann. She was seen devastated because of the news of his death.

Brielle also wrote a long sad message to say goodbye to Ethan. While others were suspecting the reason for his death, she had said her friend died on a hit and run and asked for justice. 

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