Wes Streeting Partner, Wife Net Worth And Kidney Cancer

Is Wes Streeting Married? Labour MP Kidney Cancer And Update

Is Wes Streeting Married? Labour MP Kidney Cancer And Update

People are concerned about Wes Streeting partner as he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Lets know more about Labour Frontbencher.

Streeting is a British Labour Party politician who is currently serving as the Shadow Secretary of State for Child Poverty. He has also served as the Shadow Minister for Schools from 2020-21.

Recently, The 38-year-old Ilford North MP tweeted that he was diagnosed with Kidney cancer.

Wes Streeting Partner: Does He Have A Wife?

Wes Streeting’s partner is Joseph Dancey.

As per his Wikipedia, Streeting happily lives in Redbridge, London, with his partner. His partner, Dancey, is a communications and public affairs adviser.

He is not married to have a wife as he is openly gay and shares a strong bond with his gay partner, Dancey. 

What Is His Net Worth?

Wes Streeting’s net worth is millions.

Without a doubt, the prominent British politician has racked up a burly sum of money through his career.

He has also held several reputable positions, including Shadow Secretary of State for Child Poverty, MP for Ilford North, etc.

However, we’re looking forward to uploading his net worth tab once it’s accessible.

Everything About Kidney Cancer 

Labour frontbencher Wes Streeting is diagnosed with kidney cancer.

The London constituency of Ilford North has revealed the news as an “enormous shock” on his Twitter account, but the disease has been caught early.

He has also revealed that he is to undergo treatment for kidney cancer.

Is He Gay?

Wes Streeting is openly gay.

Moreover, he has also tweeted about being gay on his Twitter. He has also worked for the Uk’s leading LGBT rights organization. 

And, he is strongly critics of those campaigning against LGBT+ education in schools.

Details On His Family

Wes Streeting family is still out of sight.

In addition to that, Streeting was born in east London in 1983. His parents were just 18 and 19 when he was born and separated when he was a baby.

His dad was always around him, also at his job at a local shipping company.

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