What Does Dr Mean On TikTok? Dr Meaning In Text Explained

What Does Dr Mean On TikTok? Dr Meaning In Text Explained

What Does Dr Mean On TikTok? Dr Meaning In Text Explained

What does Dr mean on TikTok? TikTok is a popular social media that is used by nearly 800 million people all over the world and we come across new acronyms every day through this social media. One such acronym is DR (or Dr) which is a short form used by people to make the text simpler. The use of Dr will be discussed here, so, do read it till the end. 

Dr Meaning In Text Explained:

Before going forward to TikTok, it is important for us to know where and when Dr is used in texts. When you first heard about Dr, you probably had multiple thoughts about it.

Everyone has that and in fact, you probably thought that it means Doctor. Well, you are not wrong as we always use Dr. in front of the names of the doctors. 

Does it mean Doctor?

It is very true that we can use Dr in front of a doctor. But, there is a slight mistake here, you can guess it for sure! If you haven’t guessed it, let us tell you that when we use Dr in front of a doctor, we usually put a ‘.’ as well. For eg: Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. David Kessler, etc. 

Also, we can say that Dr doesn’t really mean Doctor as we are talking about TikTok and texts here. So, it would actually be foolish to be talking about doctors here. Well, it is an individual’s choice to write whatever we want but as far as our knowledge, we believe that using Dr for doctors on TikTok doesn’t really make sense. 

Dr on text and Tiktok, origin, and definition:

Talking about the origin of Dr, it definitely originated from texts. Just like how COVID-19 got spread, the use of Dr also got spread and is now used all over the world.

Slowly, it started being used on TikTok and now, it is one of the most common abbreviations we use. If you really need a definition for Dr, we would define it as ‘Didn’t Read’. 

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