What Happened David Bellisario? Wife, Wiki, Cause Of Death, NCIS: Los Angeles

What Happened David Bellisario? How Did He Die? Facts On NCIS: Los Angeles Producer

What Happened David Bellisario? How Did He Die? Facts On NCIS: Los Angeles Producer

If you are wondering what happened to David Bellisario and how did he die, you are not the only one here. After the premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles in November, most of the fans of the hit TV series have been wondering about what happened to David Bellisario.

Name David Bellisario
Age 63 years old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Parents Donald P. Bellisario
Siblings 8

NICS: Los Angeles premiered on November 8, 2020. In the last few seconds of the premiere of the series, there was a small clip dedicated to Bellisario. Bellisario is no more and he died of cancer in the summer of 2020. Here’s what we know of David Bellisario.

10 Facts on David Bellisario

  1. David Bellisario was the son of an American TV producer who created hit TV shows like NCIS, Magnum, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Quantum Leap.
  2. Late David worked closely with his father Donald in his hit TV series, NCIS: Los Angeles. 
  3. David died at the age of 63 in the summer of 2020. He died after years of his battle with brain cancer.
  4. His father Donald is still actively working in the TV industry. Donald was born on August 8, 1935, and is now 85 years old.
  5. David Bellisario has eight siblings including step-siblings. His brother Troian Bellisario appeared as a guest actor on NCIS. His stepbrother Sean Murray was a star on the NCIS show.
  6. Though he was born to a legendary TV producer father, David mostly lived a low-key life. He didn’t have a Wikipedia biography. 
  7. Also, the detail of his birthday and birthplace is still missing.
  8. While most of David’s siblings chose to pursue a career in acting, David was rather happening working for his father behind the scenes.
  9. The details about David’s net worth and earnings are not public. His father Donald is worth $250 million in 2020.
  10. His father has been married four times. Donald is currently married to his fourth wife, Vivienne Bellisario.

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