What Happened To Grimes? Health Update

Grimes Was Hospitalized For Panic Attack: How Is She Doing?

Grimes Was Hospitalized For Panic Attack: How Is She Doing?

What Happened To Grimes? She got hospitalized as she had a panic attack. Read more to know about her health update. 

Grimes got hospitalized after making her guest appearance in Saturday Night Live (SNL).

What Happened to Grimes?

Grimes was hospitalized on 10 May after she had a panic attack.

She appeared on Saturday Night Live with her boyfriend, Elon Musk.

She got a panic attack and hospitalized after two days of her appearance at SNL. 

The occurrence happened when the 33-year-old made a debut cameo on the episode hosted by her beau Elon Musk. 

Grimes also went public with the news of her panic attack on her Instagram alongside pictures of her and guested Miley Cyrus backstage of the episode’s musical. 

Grimes’s real name is Claire Boucher.

She is a partner with Elon Musk since 2018. 

Claire announced her pregnancy with Musk’s first child together on 8 January 2020 and gave birth to a son on 4 May 2020. 

Grimes and Musk named their son X Æ A-12. 

Health Update on Grimes: How Is She Doing? 

There is no clear news on Grimes Health Update, but it seems she is doing fine as she posted news regarding her Panic Attack after a couple of days. 

The episode on SNL was aired on 8 May 2021.

It seems she has got good treatment and medications for her panic attack. All her fans, including Elon Musk supporters, wish her a speedy recovery and healthy life.

Grimes Cameo as Princess Peach

Elson Musk, the electric car manufacturer Tesla and aerospace company, SpaceX, was seen hosting his debut show on Saturday Night Live.

Many fans of Musk and Boucher eagerly awaited this episode. 

The episode was shown as the Nintendo theme sketch of the super popular game Super Mario.

Grimes made a cameo appearance as Princess Peach during a courtroom spoof of the Super Mario video games, and Elon played Wario. 

Likewise, Miley Cyrus was also seen as a musical guest of the chapter that Grimes hosted.

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